Tourney - Tournament Helper is your best companion when creating and managing tournaments for practically any game or event. With Tourney - Tournament Helpers beautiful and easy layout you can quickly create and manage tournaments using only your device for FREE You can use Tourney - Tournament Helper for everything from local chess tournaments to bigger football tournaments. Here are just a few of the games and sports that we have helped managed: Magic The Gathering, Dice Masters, Android Netrunner, Chess, Fifa, Petanque, Dominion, Football and many more Let us hear your opinions and suggestions and dont forget to review the app FEATURES Single Round Robin Tournaments Double Round Robin Tournaments Swiss Style Tournaments Unlimited number of players Stores and calculates the score and results Keeps all ongoing and finished tournaments Can set exact score results Custom points for win and draw (NEW )REQUIREMENTS iPhone4s+ / iPad+ iOS 8.0+

Tourney - Tournament Helper alternatives


A fast and powerful army list creator for tabletop wargamers. Create, view and share army lists for a wide range of game systems using data files created and maintained by an active community of BattleScribe users. See the FAQ:

  • rating 3.5
  • size 96.4 MB

The Tournaments Manager

Tired of write down your matches with friends on a pizza box? The Tournaments Manager can manage any kind of tournament: King of the hill, League and Brackets. Enjoy it The best Tournament Maker.

  • size 4.8 MB

20/20 Life Count

Minimalistic gesture-based Magic: the Gathering life counter for two players. Swipe up and down or tap to change life totals, swipe left or right to reset, and shake to roll some D20s. Its slick, works very responsively, and doesnt cover the screen with a bunch of stuff that distracts from the data.

  • rating 4.92
  • size 4.6 MB

MTG Trades

MTG Trades gives you the tools you need for trading Magic cards, right at your fingertips. It includes card prices by expansion or card name, lets you evaluate trades and view your trade history, store a watchlist of wanted cards, and allows you to track cards you have loaned or borrowed. If you have any suggestions for improvements, please suggest them via twitter (@MTGApps) or the website - This app is not produced or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

  • rating 4.8125
  • size 24.6 MB

Carbon - MTG Tabletop Utility

- Counters for any situation. (Commander Tax, Damage, Storm, Mana, Etc. )- Up to 4 Player Support.- Game History.- Ability to save games.- Custom starting life.- Custom player colors.- First player chooser.- Game Timer.- Random number generator.

  • size 47.8 MB