The app is for generating and running soccer tournaments. It can be used for ordinary soccer tournaments and also for those played in apps such as FIFA. Features:- league of up to 32 teams- group stage or knockout- mix with group stage and knockout- statistics for each team and tournament- color settings for each team- automatic calculation of tables- you can simulate tournaments- offline Enjoy using our app

Tournament Soccer alternatives

Lineup - Football Squad

Lineup - Football Squad for iOS allows you to create your own Football lineups and save them as images. You can set up five teams by using your players from your own team, professional players or even your favourite ever 11 from your favourite club.- Rearrange the players by dragging the images anywhere on the pitch or to the subs bench below.- Players can be changed by tapping the image and selecting a new player.- Images for players can be imported from your camera, photos app or from a web search.- When your squad is complete, tap the share button and choose where to save/share the image.- Images can be saved to your photos app, shared via SMS/Email/Facebook etc or opened in another app. All feedback is welcome and can be sent from within the app.

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Smart Soccer Coach: Team Manager App

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Brackelope: Tournament Builder

Supports up to 128 players or teams Hold the Draw Match Button to draw all available matches Swipe to delete saved players from Add Player list Swipe to delete saved arenas from Add Arena listUpdated IFPA Results to WPPR 5.2 Post real-time results online with Brackelope Live Knockout Tournaments with 1-4 strikes Seed Knockout tournaments randomly or by number of strikes Double and Single Elimination Tournaments Save Scores Random Doubles mode Manage match arenas like pool tables, pinball machines, dart boards, or basketball courts Draw Match automatically decides next match Tap a players name to view their position in the bracket Saves match times and average plays on each arena Includes simple payout calculator Seed players Email results or share on Twitter or Facebook Emails include spreadsheet for International Flipper Pinball Associations pinball rankingsBrackelope is an indispensable tournament building tool that allows users to easily build, run, and organize knockout, double and single elimination style tournaments for almost any kind of competition (pool, bowling, pinball, classroom competitions, school sports, etc.). Brackelope is the only app that features live support, enabling users to post scores online in real-time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]

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SportsTables League Manager

SportsTables is a league table creation and management app for any kind of sport. It lets you create league tables for tournaments and keep track of the scores for games by simply:- entering a name for your league table;- setting how many points you get for a win or draw in that league;- adding teams or individuals to the league;- recording the scores of matches between those teams or individuals;- sharing your table online with friends. Its particularly useful for PES and FIFA or youth/school sports events.

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