Program with Lua, a simple and modern programming language. Touch Lua + Features: + Two modes: program/console (command line) + Built in help: Tutorials (hands on), Wiki, Reference + Multi program + Powerful editor + Syntax highlighting+ Support graphics, audio, and database through Extension Libraries (paid and free)+ Sample programs provided Use Touch Lua +: + Learn programming + Learn modern scripting + Apply your programming skills + Rapid prototyping + Use it as advanced calculator Available through In-App Purchase: Draw Library: Empowers you to create complex graphics from simple graphic objects Features: + Draw simple graphic objects: lines, rectangles, circles, text, + Draw at the super speed of your device + Make animations + Define your colors with alpha channel (32bit color with transparency) + Select your drawn text font face and size + Enables you to run included Graphic Sample Programs Audio Library: enables to play music and sound effects. some examples: unpack() now is table.unpack(), loadstring() is now load() Make sure to take a look at the free Apps from Hawwash-Soft


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Touch Lua
Hand BASIC - CBM Flavor
Python 3
AlphaBooks HD Lite
"Smart BASIC" programming language
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Tutorials for Objective-C & Xcode 7
Chinese LS Touch

Touch Lua + alternatives


iAltair pretends to be a MITS Altair 8800 computer. It allows you to get the feeling of really old software such as CP/M 2. The system is fully self contained and does not allow you to remotely add any code but you can try out Basic to run Eliza.

  • size 9.3 MB

Sketch Lua

Sketch Lua is a IOS device on the Lua language editing and operation procedures. Can be used for learning to learn Lua programming language. Contains the following functions:1 code editor: syntax highlighting, auto indent2 console interactive input: you can enter the Lua code directly in the console, running at a more direct, learning Lua language.

  • rating 4.0
  • size 4.1 MB

Sketch Python

Sketch Python is a IOS application can do python language editing and operation procedures. Can be used for learning to learn python programming language. Contains the following functions:1 code editor: syntax highlighting, auto indent 2 code is compiled to run: direct local compile operation, does not need the network.3 console interactive input: you can enter the python code directly in the console, running at a more direct, learning python language.

  • rating 4.0
  • size 20.7 MB

Nano Basic interpreter

Nano Basic is a Basic language interpreter for the iPhone and iPad. Nano Basic allows arbitrary calculations on your mobile device. Mathematical Functions abs, atn, cos, rnd, exp, int, log, log10, sin, sqr, tanText output functions PRINT or simply ?.Console input function INPUT.Line Numbering.

  • size 1.0 MB

Processing iCompiler

Compose and compile your processing sketches right on your phone or iPad, wherever your are This app is already being used in high schools and universities to teach and learn processing. Your code is highlighted and formatted for excellent reading-comfort.3D sketches and games are supported. This is not an official app by processing.orgTrailer Music: Circle of Alchemists

  • size 7.4 MB

More Information About alternatives

Touch Lua

Program with Lua, a simple and modern programming language. TouchLua+ (iPad version of TouchLua) is now available at App Store Touch Lua Features:+ Two modes: program/console (command line)+ Multi program and directories support+ Export/email programs and results+ Powerful editor with Syntax highlighting+ Graphics, audio, database and network programming support+ Text screen: stylized text printing+ Built in help: Tutorials (hands on), Wiki, Reference+ Sample programs providedUse Touch Lua:+ Learn programming and modern scripting+ Apply your programming skills+ Rapid prototyping+ Use it as advanced calculator+ Graphing ToolNow available through In-App Purchase: Nitro Graphics Library:Create 2D & 3D Graphics with the power of your GPU.Draw Library: Empowers you to create complex graphics from simple graphic objects Features:+ Draw simple graphic objects: lines, rectangles, circles, text, + Draw at the super speed of your device + Make animations + Access Gyroscope and Accelerometers+ Draw and create images+ Enables you to run included Graphic Sample ProgramsAudio Library : enables to play music and sound effects. some examples: unpack() now is table.unpack(), loadstring() is now load()Make sure to take a look at other free Apps from Hawwash-Soft

  • size 14.7 MB
  • version 1.4.2

Hand BASIC - CBM Flavor

Learn and Program BASIC Language on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Hand BASIC - CBM Flavor is a compatible version of Commodores version of Microsoft BASIC 6502 as found on the Commodore 64. Now available through In-App Purchase: Graphics Extension: Empowers you to create complex graphics from simple graphic objects Features+ Draw simple graphic objects: lines, rectangles, circles, text, + Draw at the super speed of your device+ Make animations+ Use Graphics Macro Language (GML) to draw objects + Define your colors with alpha channel (32bit color with transparency) + Select your drawn text font face and size + Interact with user taps+ Assistant for typing Graphic Commands+ Enables you to run included Graphic Sample Programs(10 samples) To find more details type HELP then select Graphics Extension Reference To open Graphics Extension Purchase Screen: - Type: PURCHASE - Type: ACTION then select Purchase - Or, run a program that uses Graphics Make sure to check out App Blog Page:cbmhandbasic.blogspot.comPlease Note: - This is not Commodore 64 emulator. See New Commands for alternatives- Only ASCII characters are supported - iPad has different Graphics Extension than ordinary one (sold separately)Visit Hawwash-Soft page on iTunes for more Free Apps Have Fun

  • rating 4.5
  • size 2.2 MB
  • version 1.7.3

Python 3

PYTHON 3An Intelligent IDE for Python 3 with syntax recognition and auto text formatting and more awesome feature from iLabbs corporation. Providing syntax recognition and auto formatting text with other incredible feature to make our customer happy. Main Features are Run Python Program A Complete Python Tutorial & Sample Programs Syntax Recognition Auto Text Format Open Files Save Files Sample ProgramsTutorials & Sample Programs Include Python Basics Data Types Control Structures Functions and Modules Functional Programming Object-Oriented Programming

  • size 7.9 MB
  • version 2.1

AlphaBooks HD Lite

The Budget Mommy calls AlphaBooks a hit and Modern Home Modern Baby gives AlphaBooks Two Thumbs Up Sample 3 OF THE 24 books available in the full version of the AlphaBooks. The fun-loving Letter Buddies help children prepare for school. Perfect For:- Children 2-6Two-ways to read each e-book:- Read to Me - listen to the narrated story with words highlighted as they are read- Read it Myself - read the book in its traditional formEducational Features:- Learn early reading fundamentals- Practice beginning letter sounds- Acquire key foundational vocabulary- Read along to vocabulary written in contextual sentences- Expose children to important school readiness sight words- Build awareness for simple sentence structures and basic punctuationAdditional Features:- Text is perfect for developing and beginning readers alike- Fun and engaging artwork supports simple text- Narration supports a range of reading abilities- Repeat audio by double tapping screen- Narration can be turned on and off- Text highlighting can be turned on and off

  • size 40.8 MB
  • version 1.2

"Smart BASIC" programming language

The most important and valuable application for a long time - ipadstory.ruSmart BASIC is an extension of very popular BASIC programming language. With smart BASIC you can make your own programs directly on the iOS device. Some of its features are:GRAPHICS:- advanced retina-friendly graphics functions- animated sprites with touches, collisions and sprite sheets supportINTERFACE:- buttons, text fields, sliders, switches- support of additional TTF fonts- all interface objects can be grouped in moveable pages- clipboard support- speech synthesizer (for iOS 7 and higher)MUSIC and VIDEO:- playback of MP3, AIFF, WAV, MIDI, MOV and MP4 files- integrated MIDI synthesizer with musical notation, 16 tracks, 128 built-in instruments with support of additional SF2 and DLS soundfontsHARDWARE support:- GPS and compass- accelerometer- multitouch with up to 11 simultaneous touchesFILES:- files and directories functions- possibility to run program from another programNETWORKING:- HTTP commands- programmable browsers- hosts and ports pingingUSER FRIENDLY:- skinnable interface and customizable code editor- built-in documentation for all functions- sample programs to get started- friendly Support Forum to ask questions and to share programsWhen registering at Support Forum anti-spambot password is: iOS.

  • size 160 MB
  • version 5.8


Vigilandialearn about road safety the fun wayRoad safety education in the classroomA digital-learning project for primary schoolsA project of e-learning in collaboration with the Municipality of PaviaEach page offers colorful designs and interactive animation whit sounds by simply touching the multi-touch display. Learn by playing in a world of road signs, crossings, rights of precedence, etc. Learn to explore the entire screen of the tablet just by touching the objects.- children learn to become self-educated informed citizens in a context of social life- the child cyclist- the child pedestrian- knowledge of the road rules- awerness of dangerous situations- know what todo in dangerous situationsFeatures- italian language- narrative voice- interactive animations- simple and intuitive interface- original and colorful graphics- original music- interactive sounds- small comics- no in-app-purchase- no advertising- No timer or score pointsOriginal illustrations, graphic conceptand development by Caramella WattChiara Cebrelli e Marinella Lanatihttp://www.caramellawatt.com Watt 2014 All right reservedThe music written specifically for the appare the maestro Alberto Greguoldo

  • size 96.4 MB
  • version 1.0

Scribes PRO

You need to have endless pages of a notebook (lined or squared) where you can take your notes by hand in the same manner and with the same speed when using a pen? Need a few sheets of white paper for freehand drawing and then enter the text written with the keyboard and being able to choose font, color, size and angle of the text? Want to hear a recorded university lecture and add or correct the notes taken during the lesson?In your notes you need to add technical drawings using CAD technical drawing tools like lines, rectangles, circles with the drawing grid option activated?Need to print the pages of your notebook when You come back to home (using the new technology of wireless printing AirPrint)?Do you think that writing with a pen is faster than writing with the keyboard?Scribes is the right application for You Write mode:- Writing handwritten text (the same way as you use a pen on a notebook, with the stroke of the pen, the color, the transparency ALPHA that you want - dotted lines with ALPHA = 0)- Writing text using the text editor integrated of Scribes (you can use different fonts, different angles, different sizes and colors on the same page or on different pages of the notebook)Drawing mode:- Draw free-hand all that you want and use many colors/transparency and the brush size you want (both on notebook or on an infinite number of white sheets)- Enable or disable the drawing grid: enable the grid together with the line drawing tools, circle, rectangle (with optional color fill) for simple technical drawings (disable the grid to write some free hand notes on the technical drawings or use the text editor of Scribes to insert for example some measures)- Filter for wrist touchMultimedia Support:- Record high quality stereo audio with 32Bit 44Khz, infinite recording time (on .caf file) in the background (while recording, you can take notes on notebook)- Import in real-time, images taken by camera and stored in the photo albums of the device into the pages of the notebook (you can import different images for each page of the book on which to write notes)- Listen the audio recordings with the built-in player of Scribes- Photo camera support (acquire the photo cameras images directly from Scribes software)Navigation:- Fast book pages change- Animated zoom pinching the screen with two fingers- Animated pan dragging two fingers on the screen- Reset pan and zoom settings: full zoom out pinching the screen with two fingers or by pressing and holding down two fingers on the screenManagement of books stored in the Scribes Archive:- Archive of notebooks (you can save / copy an infinite number of notebooks in the archive)- Add books (file sharing, copy)- Sharing books with other apps- Rename notebooks- Delete notebooks- Duplicate notebooksSharing books and audio files recorded with:- Dropbox (remote storage systems, cloud)- Open In- ITunes File SharingApp type:- UNIVERSAL APP (you pay only once and runs on all your portable devices) Scribes PRO Quick Users Guide is available at URL:

  • size 9.0 MB
  • version 1.4


Dozens of FREE Stand-Alone Apps with Complete Source Code for accessing Sensors, Electronics, Science, Math and Graphics from the iPhone and iPad, and is also the Companion App for the new OReilly Book Building iPhone & iPad Electronics Projects. VIDEO BUILDING IPHONE & IPAD ELECTRONICS PROJECTSSee CLASSROOM LEARNINGSee START GUIDES FOR THE IPHONE AND IPADSee APPStechBASIC Sampler Includes Apps Written in techBASIC for Electronics projects Data collection Creating interactive graphics Cool programming controls Connecting to the latest sensor technology Using Bluetooth low energy and ArduinoOREILLY BOOK BUILDING IPHONE & IPAD ELECTRONICS PROJECTSReal World Arduino, Sensor and Bluetooth LE Apps with techBASIC.techBASIC Sampler is the companion app to this new book and includes Executable versions of each project Complete source code Check out the Early Release of the Ebook at techBASIC Sampler to View the complete source code for every example Check out the built-in help system Run the step-and-trace debugger Explore the powerful, and easy to use world of programming with techBASICIN-APP PURCHASEAn in-app purchase unlocks the editing capabilities, giving you the full version of techBASIC so you can customize these programs or write your own. SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATH {STEM)SCIENCE CLASSEngage Students in Scientific Inquiry as they Understand physics from real data, like zero G on a swing Collect data from the built-in sensors on the iPhone & iPad Study the earths magnetic field See the Stars rotate around the sunCheck out these apps for science class lesson ideas: Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Gyroscope E-M Field G-Force Metal Detector StarsMATH CLASSBring Math Class to Life as Students Quickly plot functions to understand coordinate systems Interact with equations using swipe and pinch gestures Watch a torus degenerate into a sphere Use numeric integration for calculus Fit curves to data with polynomial and linear regression Solve simultaneous equations with matrix math like LU decomposition Use techBASIC as the power-users graphing calculator (see our tutorial blog)Check Out These Apps for Math Class Lesson Ideas: Sin_x and Ball Torus Geometry Integration RegressionPROGRAMMING CLASS Engage students with beautiful interactive graph using just a few lines of code Clear error messages and step-and-trace debugger make programming easy Write a program to collect data from the accelerometer in one class period Learn problem solving skills Write powerful programs to control and interact with the world around them BASIC programming language is easy to learn and widely used Built-in help system answers questions right in the appELECTRONICS & SENSORSThe techBASIC website has numerous tutorials you can modify Turn an iPhone into a magnetometer Build Bluetooth low energy based circuits Turn an iPhone into a Plant Moisture Meter using HiJack Hack a Remote Control car with an Arduino and Bluetooth LE Connect to Bluetooth low energy devices from the iPhone and iPad Collect Data from a model rocket iPhone flight using the TI SensorTag Access data real-time from the built-in accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope sensorsFREE DOCUMENTATIONQUICK START GUIDES FOR THE IPHONE AND IPADSee Learn how to quickly access the main features of techBASIC Get information on the examples included with techBASIC SamplerREFERENCE MANUAL FOR techBASIC Over 300 pages of documentation Dozens of sample programs and images

  • size 39.7 MB
  • version 3.3.3

Tutorials for Objective-C & Xcode 7

Do You Want To Create Your Own iPhone and iPad Apps but are not sure where to start? Are you ready to jump right into the exciting world of mobile development but have little or no programming experience? Create Real 20 Applications throughout the course from fun and simple games to powerfull utility apps using the native features of IOS devices to help you understand the process of creating applicationsSell Your App to Millions of Potential Users and earn extra revenue from Ad networks and in app purchases, Making money has never been so easy Not only do you get the best online IOS development course online buy You also get first class responsive support by email, Twitter or on the Udemy forums, So you can rest assure you have full guidance in your new career Topics Covered:- Understanding Xcode, Interface Builder, Simulator and Project Types- Objective-C: Full guide to creating full featured apps- Create 20 real applications in both languages- All Objects, Actions and Outlets possible in App Development- Social Integration: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and more- Storyboards and nib Files- Universal Support and Screen Size Support- Images and Sounds Integration- Full Featured Apps- Saving and Loading: From text to data- Earning Revenue Ad Networks- Fun and Simple Games- Full In App Purchase Support- Core Data Applications- Camera Support Applications- App Store Submission and Update SupportWhat are the requirements?- You will need a Apple Mac computer or laptop- You will need the developer software XcodeWhat am I going to get from this course?- Over 108 lectures and 15.5 hours of content - Full understanding of Xcode and all it has to offer- Learn how to program for IOS 9 to create your own apps- Be able to support all devices and screen sizes- Full explanation of all objects and functions within IOS development- Develop in Objective-C- Earn revenue from your appsWhat is the target audience?- Anyone who wants to develop apps- Anyone who wants to learn how to code- Anyone who is looking to freshen up there skills- Anyone who is looking to make money from IOS Apps

  • size 23.4 MB
  • version 1.0

Chinese LS Touch

Chinese LS Touch is an App for iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad for learning chinese vocables. It combines a comprehensive chinese dictionary with a topnotch vocable trainer. FEATURES- 100.000 chinese vocables- all vocables have Traditional & Simplified forms, Pn Yn & Zhu Yin readings and english translations- many words have also german & french translation- possibilty to import your own translations for the vocables- 7 default vocabulary sets (HSK 1 - 6 and all in one set)- SOUNDS for 5000 words (In-App purchase)- possibilty to create custom vocabulary sets within the program- possiblity to import your own custom vocabulary sets (of vocables in the programs database)- Strokeorder guidelines for almost all chinese characters used in the dictionary (about 12.000)- numerous ways to select the vocables you want to train:- All vocables of the current set- custom selection (vocables selected via browser)- Range of vocables (e.g. vocable 40 till vocable 60)TEST- 6 Testtypes: - Vocable > Meaning - Meaning > Vocable - Vocable > Reading - Reading > Vocable - Word > missing Character - Audio > Meaning [In-App purchase]- 2 Testmodes: - Direct Input (drawing or keyboard) - Multiple ChoiceVOCABLE BROWSER- list of all vocables in the current vocabulary set or all vocables of the programs database- search for a specific vocably by translation, reading or the chinese word itself- display details of a specific vocable- select specific vocables for a custom selection you want to trainMISC- Import your own custom vocabulary set (e.g. if you want to train only the vocables of lesson x of your textbook)- Import your own translations for the vocables (e.g. if you learn by certain translation that differs from the default translation in the program or if the translation for your language is missing)- Backup & Sync between devices via Dropbox- Learning with the Leitner system (SRS)- Practice mode (for learning how to draw the chinese words/characters)- User Interface fully localized in English, French and Germanfor more information/videos/screenshots/ If you find a bug in the software please send me an email [jan(a)] with as many information as possible so I can try to reproduce and fix it:- device & firmware- what did you do step by step- settings (current set, test mode, Leitner actice)- does it happen always/sometime/onceThis app uses the CC-CEDICT (, HanDeDict File ( and CFDICT ( dictionary files

  • size 63.9 MB
  • version 2.4