TIME ANYTHING: set up timers with hours, minutes and seconds Use the seconds selector for accuracy or turn it off for a simpler hours and minutes selector wheel. UNLIMITED: Add as many timers as you like and start several at the same timeUSER FRIENDLY: Just press + and the timer is ready to go. PRESETS: the Timer by timeanddate.com comes with a handful of preset timers that you can use or easily delete.


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Timer by timeanddate.com alternatives

Clock Pro Free - Alarms, Clocks & Alarm Clock

CLOCK PRO FREE combines all clock and timer functions in one application. Clock Pro sets a new standard for mobile clock applications By downloading Clock Pro you will get: ALARM CLOCK:Fully featured landscape and portrait alarm clock in seven beautiful designs Automatic full screen modus. Share your suggestions We will be updating it until it is better than perfect MacWorld: App of the weekClock Pro, a Swiss Army Knife of Clocks iOS4 ready EnjoyThe time is right

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Minu Timer

Hello, Min. The most essential, functional (and beautiful) timer for your smartphone. How wonderful is that?

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Date Calculator - Calculate days between dates and add or subtract time

Use Date Calculator to calculate the time between two dates or to add/subtract time from a certain date. Download now for free Features in overview:- Calculate time (duration) between two dates (without time of day)- Calculate time (duration) between two dates (incl. Therefore the developer, author, publisher and/or owners cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies.

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MultiTimer: Multiple timers

MultiTimer is a versatile and easy-to-use count-down and stopwatch timer-app that combines a very elegant user interface and powerful features. The app has no ads, mess or unnecessary steps - everything is clean, clear and consistent. We always welcome new proposals and suggestions, which you can send to [email protected] or via the option Send Feedback in the app Settings.

Timeglass timer & stopwatch

Timeglass has everything you need to time exercise, study, cooking, and your other daily routines. Timeglass gives you: Many timers, side by side - Create reusable timers and run them side by side. Lots more awesome stuff - Like stopwatches, repeating alerts, beautiful tones & icons for your timers, plus five themes to choose from.

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Set multiple timers to keep track of your HIIT workout. Timers are simple to create and customize, and run in succession showing the progress youve made towards completing your task. -Set as many timers as you want, quickly and easily-Customize each timer with sounds, colors, and a name-Use seconds, minutes, or hours-Edit, reorder, and delete timers easily-Skip to the next timer at any time Start all over again When your timers are up, hit start to begin all over again Or, come back later and find your timers saved and ready to go.

  • rating 5
  • size 24.0 MB
  • version 1.2.9

Practice Time! Interval Timer

Practice Time is an interval timer that allows you to create and store highly customizable presets for quick and easy use. Features:- An elegant user interface.- Presets can be given names and descriptions.- The ability to customize a presets look with themes and background images.- Set timers to automatically repeat after each cycle.- No limit on the number of timers a preset can have.- Share your presets with other users of the app, and use their presets. Some examples:- Pomodoro timer- 7-min workout- Tabata workout- Repetitive practice sessions- Cooking recipes

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  • version 2.3

More Timers

Need more timers? Create as many countdown timers as you want The app was made out of necessity, which is the best kind. No more ruined dinners - StelappsMore Timers is the best app to time anything - use it in the kitchen for cooking or baking, at the gym, for doing laundry, science experiments, making fussy coffee, meditation, band practice, dentistry, gym class now you can time everything - Super simple and easy to use- Alerts and background notifications- Optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus- Today widget lets you keep an eye on your running timers- Notification actions let you restart a timer from anywhere - Create multiple timers with hours, minutes and seconds- Time up to 100 hours A single in app purchase unlocks everything - Name your timers - Choose from over 20 sounds

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Simple Easy Timer

Simple Easy Timer is a easy to use timer with presets. It works even if you switch to another app or put the device into sleep. FEATURES:- Accurate down to seconds.- Choose from three different custom alarms.- Set the timer quickly with a tap to the timer display using the convenient pickers.- Save up to three convenient presets to restart timers.- Simple to use user interface.

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Laboratory Timer

Laboratory Timer is an easy-to-use countdown timer designed to run multiple alarm timers for laboratory at once. With Laboratory Timers gorgeous interface and user friendly navigation, it has never been easier to manage scientific experiments. Key Features: Add and run as many timers as you need Save preset timers with name and duration Pause and resume timers Receive a notification when the alarms go offLearn more about shazino at www.shazino.comFollow us on Twitter @shazino

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Countdown Clock - Multi Timer

The timer you didnt know you needed is here. Use Countdown - Multi Timer for any occasion you need a quick timer or multiple timers at once. Get it now Features:- Simple, easy to use interface- Set up as many timers as you want simultaneously- Set timer for anything from 1 second to 24 hours - Works in the background - Alarms fire even if the app is completely closed out

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Use countdown timers and stopwatch to create remindersFeatures: It can be used for long or short time delays Defined in hours/minutes and SECONDS Timers keep running even if app is closed Loop timers Alarm still signals when app is not running Simple familiar interface Stopwatch included Designed for both iPhone (and iPhone 5), iPad and iPad mini The most FUNCTIONAL, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE timer app Make your life easier with QuickTimer+

  • rating 4.47328
  • size 11.2 MB
  • version 2.6.1

Beautiful Timer

Beautiful Timer will mesmerize you with its intricate spinning gears while you watch it track one of three different types of timers:(1) A simple timer (counting upwards to track elapsed time)(2) A count-down alarm (set hours, minutes, seconds)(3) A Date timer (set any date/time in the past or future)

  • size 3.0 MB
  • version 1.2

Cool Timer Pro

A set of timers with an artistic design. A set of timers designed to meet all your timing needs. Features: - Stylish design; - Animated time flow and backgrounds; - Visual and sound notifications; - Ability to fire even in device lock or sleep mode; - Wide range of time duration availablefrom as couple of seconds to 100 hours; - Counts time past timer completion; - User-friendly even for kids Watch the time flow and feel the beauty of the moment with the exciting Cool Timer.

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Timer Pro Countdown with Multiple Loud Alarm Timers for Everyday Cooking, Fitness, Timeout

Get Timer Pro Today >> Unlimited Timers and Countdowns>> One tap to start, one tap to pause. >> Swipe to edit, reset or delete. Download Timer Pro to get ahead of your many activities today:* Run multiple timers simultaneously* Extremely easy to use* Beautiful, clean interface* One-tap functionality* Runs in the background* Small file size wont take up a lot of space on your device

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  • size 8.5 MB
  • version 1.1