Save 10% - 30% on weekly wages by automating and simplifying your staff timesheet process with TimeDocks QR code scanning time clock for employee check-in.1. Add employees and projects/jobs online.2. Attendance is as easy as time-in and time-out.

Station your managers and leading hands as time clock wardens who can clock in anyone from within your organisation, by scanning their _barcoded or NFC tagged staff ID card_, anywhere in the world, anytime. Install _wall mounted time clock devices_,
integrated with our TimeDock _mobile check-in system_,
or create your own time clocks by installing TimeDock on your tablet and mobile devices. * * *


Similar Apps

iAttend - Employee Time Track
Manpower Mobile timesheet
TrackSmart Scheduling
TrackSmart TimeClock
Agile Time Tracker
Shift Status - Business Scheduling
Scan Tracker
Irving QuickScan
Terminal Astrow

TimeDock alternatives

Time Tracker - Track Attendance and Check In & Out

Attendance tracker is a hassle-free offline way of taking daily attendance of employees while they are at remote locations. Maintain the attendance record of students, office employees or event site employees. So start taking employee attendance with this easy to use attendance tracker

  • size 22.5 MB

Fishbowl Time and Labor - Time Clock Terminal and Employee Time Tracking

Turn any iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a powerful time clock terminal and connect it to the #1 online time tracking solution. From the creators of Fishbowl Inventory comes Fishbowl Workforce; online time & attendance software redesigned for your modern business. Requirements:iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with camera

  • size 17.7 MB

Fingercheck Time Clock

The FingerCheck Employee Time Clock app turns your iPad or iPhone into an instant time clock, providing a cost-effective solution for employers looking to invest in a company time clock at a low cost. Featuring GPS tracking and a built-in capture photo feature, the Time Clock app provides supervisors with the punch site location of each punch and a photo of each employee punching for verification purposes. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • size 80.7 MB

Timeclock by Fareclock

This app has been replaced by our new version 2 Time Clock app. To download our new app, search for Fareclock 2 in the App Store. This app will still continue to work but will not be updated.

  • size 17.2 MB

More Information About alternatives

iAttend - Employee Time Track

iAttend is the employee portal of the time and payment tracking system of AdminSys Inc. With this App, the employees could clock in or out by scanning the dynamic QR Code on the administrators phone or the printed QR code in the office; also, the employees could track the recent attendance report on the App and export the full attendance report to their emails.

  • size 3.8 MB
  • version 1.0

Manpower Mobile timesheet

Manpower TimeSheet Application (MTA) allows you to create an attendance system with extremely full of useful features for tracking clock-in, clock-out and circulation of the user. MTA was designed to support time attendance tracking system for user anywhere and anytime. WHAT WILL YOU GET FROM MTA- Time tracking in daily, weekly and monthly.- Powerful report for circulation- Accurately time attendance by using location based and QR Code.

  • size 2.5 MB
  • version 1.2.1

TrackSmart Scheduling

TrackSmart Scheduling is the easiest employee time clock and scheduling software available. Track employee attendance and worked hours with our time clock. calls employees can log in to check schedules and request time off.

  • rating 3.2
  • size 2.4 MB
  • version 2.0

TrackSmart TimeClock

TrackSmart TimeClock is the easiest employee time clock and scheduling software available. Track employee attendance and worked hours with our time clock. calls employees can log in to check schedules and request time off.

  • size 2.3 MB
  • version 2.0

Agile Time Tracker

Agile Time Tracker is an time card app brought to you by Agile Soft Systems, Inc. It is an effort to provide a mobile Employee attendance cum time tracking system for business. The app allows the Users to register, login, clock in & out time by scanning QR code, view historic login/logout data through your own mobile device.

  • size 3.7 MB
  • version 2.2

Shift Status - Business Scheduling

Shift Status is the easiest way to manage your employees. Fast, simple and inexpensive, it is the best way to manage employee schedules. Save time and money, by simplifying your staff workflow, and intelligently creating schedules.

  • size 22.7 MB
  • version 1.24


Findmyshifts online staff scheduler now comes complete with a companion app for iOS. To use the app you will need to have been added to a schedule by your manager, or have already registered an account on the website. Employees can:- Check their shifts (past and future)- Swap or cancel shifts- Cancel time-off- Add a profile picture- Check and post messages on their noticeboard- Clock-in and out of shifts- View employee contact detailsManagers can:- Approve or reject shift requests- Track employee locations as they clock-in/clock-out - Approve or reject time-off requests- Moderate messages posted on the noticeboard

  • size 8.9 MB
  • version 1.52

Scan Tracker

At the request of one of our high school teachers, we created this fun app to track the number of hours students worked on their projects. Some teachers were using pen and paper for check in purposed, which took valuable time from instruction. Use as an electronic hall pass for students Use as time clock for employees Use as time clock for students Use as a QR code reader Use as a QR website reader

  • size 24.1 MB
  • version 1.5

Irving QuickScan

Accelerate the intake of season employees by scanning the pdf417 code on drivers licenses. Automatically pull all information from the drivers license with the quick scan of the 2D bar code on the back of the new employees license. Save time and dramatically speed up the process, allowing thousands of contractors to acquire their employee badges quickly and efficiently.

  • size 13.3 MB
  • version 1.0.0313083

Terminal Astrow

Terminal application integrates with Astrow and enables mobile phone or tablet users to use it as a mobile Time & Attendance terminal. Managers can use this application to record the bookings of their employees, using a PIN code, employee number or barcode/QR code card. The convenient Time Card interface is also available on the Terminal app Notes:- This application requires the use of AstrowCLOUD or AstrowWEB- This application requires a license key- This application requires an online connection during its use

  • size 5.8 MB
  • version 1.0.7