Measures your weight syncs via Bluetooth wirelessly to your smart device to record and track your results in App. Also calculate BMI, BMR, Fat, Bone, Muscle, Water Percentage and record changes.

Tikteck scale alternatives


Ordering takeout or delivery shouldnt mean compromising on nutrition With OrderWell, you can search for your favorite restaurants, see healthy meal recommendations, and easily order takeout or delivery. Feeling indulgent? Contact our support team within the app and chat about any issue or question you may have.

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SITU Smart Nutrition Scale

This app requires the SITU scale to work properly. Get the SITU Smart Food Nutrition Scale at http://situscale.comSITU Scale is the companion app for the SITU Smart Food Nutrition Scale. Manage your custom dishes and foods, or choose regional databases and weight units.

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Weight Tracker - Log your weight loss

Weight Tracker is a clean and straight forward weight tracking app for anyone who wants to lose weight. Daily logs keep you on track and show how close you are to your goal weight. Oh well, still a great app - Reppic

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Pocket Scale - Quick Weight Tracker

Pocket Scale is a super quick and easy weight tracker app. Simply tap the main circle, slide over to your weight, then press the circle again to save it and you are done Pocket Scale will take care of the rest. *You can now sync your weight data with Apples Health app *

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Weight Track - BMI and WHR

Tracking your weight continuously is an essential necessity whenever facing a weight problem or having some other kind of medical limitations regarding your weight or eating habits. However, tracking your weight isnt enough in many cases. WeightTrack offers following features: Daily update of your weight Body-Mass-Index classification Waist-to-Hip Ratio classification Weight, BMI, WHR progression charts Reminder function Health App integration

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