If you appreciate useful apps with a twist, you are at the right place. Regular calculator is way boring Customize your calculator themes and bring some fun to the math world If you need to add, multiply or subtract quickly, we have you covered Our simple calculator for iPad brags large digits on the keypad, so you will solve your problem fast enough Count everything that troubles you split bills, the total sum after shopping spree, money rates, whatever comes up Forget about regular personalization apps its time for something more edgy Have you ever tried to customize a calculator app? However, if you are in a hurry, and need to know the discount price, or you need to convert currencies, dig in your pocket for your smartphone (or tablet, if your pockets are bigger) and start tapping Begin the process of multiplying, adding, subtracting until you have it all figured out Big numbers can be scary to look at So, make it easier and be sure you have the correct result Dont waste time getting stuck with math operations that just seem to frustrate you Deal with math problems like a pro and use our personalized calculator to help you

Theme Calculator for iPad: Design Calculator Pro alternatives

Calculator 3 in 1

Award Winning Calculator Since 2007 HiCalc - Calculator for iPhone & iPod touch will make all your calculations become simpler than ever. Noteworthy RETINA ready Support three calculating modes: STANDARD, STRING and RPN Support precision to 31 digits Supports Complex numbers in STRING mode Powerful scientific calc with advanced fx: Differential, Evaluation, Integration, Product, Root-Finder Support Extended Memory for deep calculation Expression history up to 135 items Sending data from Ext-Memory & History list Copy & Paste support Intuitive interface & No ADs Features: Multi-line LED-Calculator Smart input which allows input of complicated expressions Show expression as normal writing mode @ very useful for students Supports both USA and EUROPEAN styles for date and numeric separator Advanced RPN mode with Stack viewer and functions: DROP, SWAP, ROLL, DEPTH, PICK, OVER, KEEP, LAST, CLEAR Scientific calculator: sin, cos, tan, deg/rad/grad, Pi, sin-1, cos-1, tan-1, sinh, cosh, tanh, log, ln, sinh-1, cosh-1, tanh-1, Dec->Deg, Deg->Dec, XY->R, Random, nPr, nCr, Differential function, Evaluation function, Integration function, Root-Finder and Product function, Greatest Common Divisor, Least Common Multiple, Fibonacci function Constants Library The Constants Library includes 1500 constants from Mathematics, Physics, Solar System and Element e.g: Avogadro number, Faraday const, Coulomb const, Gravitational const, Stefan-Boltzmann Const, Speed of Light, Euler constant

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free scientific Calculator S

Calculator S - free Scientific Calculator for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch with history and transfer data functions, iMessage included. Is one application for all of your devices. Apple Watch app with constants transferring data with iPhone app.

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ACalc - Free Scientific Calculator for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

This is a super simple scientific calculator with large buttons. It supports addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Download this calculator today

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