Our bestselling apps in one great value bundle. Save -50% Whopping Machines 2, Whopping Trains 2, and Whopping Diggers 2 are all sequels to their wolrd famous predecessors. All videos are handpicked by our in-house toddler team, so they really are entertaining and interesting.

The Whopping Sequels -bundle alternatives

Whopping Diggers 2

Does your kid like diggers, excavators and other heavy machines? Perfect, this is the app for you then The app itself is VERY easy to use, so kids can manage with it all by themselves. :) Remember to follow the Whopping Apps Facebook page, where you can find info about Whopping Diggers T-shirts etc fun stuff.

  • size 429 MB

Whopping Machines 2

Hours of machine fun for kids and toddlers Featuring: huge diggers, longest trains, noisiest fire trucks and skyrocketing planes in color, in stereo and in motion And theyre all whopping and awesome Whopping Machines is a very simple video book application (with some games) for small kids and toddlers, containing lots of photos, sounds and videos about diggers, tractors, trains, steam locos, huge cargo ships, helicopters, planes, submarines, fire trucks, police cars, dumpers, rollers and other huge machines. The app itself is VERY easy to use, so kids can manage with it all by themselves. I will send You one free of charge delivered worldwide.

  • size 522 MB

Whopping Trains 2

CHOO CHOO Does your little one love trains and locos and all things on rail in action? Whopping Trains 2 offers tons of videos and photos and an awesome train themed memory game all in one toddler-sized app for iPhone or iPad. Love it

  • rating 2.58333
  • size 511 MB