With Freedom Wi-Fi you can connect to over 65,000 hotspots across Western Canada. All you have to do is log in once and your phone will automatically connect every time you enter a Freedom Wi-Fi hotspot. FunctionsThe Freedom Wi-Fi App will:* Use your Location Services (GPS and Network-based), to determine and display your location* Temporarily store, modify or delete the contents of your locally stored data on your phone or externally as needed for caching data used by Google / Apple Maps, and storing user specific data (i.e. favorites) * Receive data from the Internet, to enable search results, push notifications and configuration updates* Read local service configuration data for troubleshootingThe Freedom Wi-Fi App will also:* Collect anonymous usage data for determining additional locations for Freedom Wi-Fi hotspots* Perform low impact, network performance quality tests* Launch immediately after the device starts in order to collect data* Send collected anonymous usage data, and test results via Wi-Fi connection onlyFeatures:* Discover Freedom Wi-Fi hotspots and store locations * Get direction and distance details from your current location to Freedom Wi-Fi hotspots and stores* Find address information about Freedom Wi-Fi hotspots and stores * Register your phone for Freedom Wi-Fi automatically connect to Freedom Wi-Fi hotspot locationsLearn about the terms and conditions for our new Wi-Fi hotspots:https://www.freedommobile.ca/docs/default-source/wi-fi/wifitc

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Finally, you can read the way YOU were meant to, with the language you think in Geezr (for iOS) opens a new world of technology for Africas only currently used indigenous script. A free font lets you read, in almost any app, anything written in a Geez script based language. Product Features: Font installer so you can read Geez script based languages in any app Phrasebook supporting Tigrinya, Tigre and Amharic You can use Geezr on your iPhone or iPad (any iOS device)

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DeMar DeRozan Sticker Pack

The Nike DeMar DeRozan stickers are here. Go beyond the game with Torontos favourite All-Star. Once downloaded, the stickers will be integrated directly into your keyboard and ready to share.

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Kinek is revolutionizing the way people shop online by making sure you get your packages delivered the first time, every time. By downloading the app, you can choose to have your online orders delivered to any of our over 1,000 KinekPoints in the USA and Canada. What packages need to be picked-up and what packages youve already picked up.- And much more Ship to a KinekPoint and never worry about missing a delivery again

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HonkMobile provides a quick and easy way to pay for parking with your mobile phone. Forget waiting at pay stations or scrounging for change. Features include:* FREE to download* FREE to register* Pay for parking in seconds flat with your mobile phone* No more walks to the pay station* No more waiting in line to pay* Get notified when your parking session is about to expire* Extend your parking session from wherever you are

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