The Interpreter translator free aquires text from your voice or using the keyboard and in real time, translates it and reads it for you in one of the 70 available languages. Its a text translator, translator by voice and is easy to use, small and fast. (*) Languages available for translation:Afrikaans,Albanian,Arabic,Armenian,Azerbaijani,Basque,Belarusian,Bengali,Bosnian,Bulgarian,Catalan,Cebuano,Chinese (China),Chinese (Taiwan),Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Estonian,Filipino,Finnish,French,German,Greek,Gujarati,Haitian,Hausa,Hebrew,Hindi,Hmong,Hungarian,Icelandic,Igbo,Indonesian,Irish,Italian,Japanese,Kannada,Khmer,Korean,Lao,Latvian,Lithuanian,Macedonian,Malay,Maori,Marathi,Mongolian,Nepali,Norwegian Bokml,Norwegian Nynorsk,Norwegian,Panjabi,Persian,Polish,Portuguese (Brazil),Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Serbian,Slovak,Slovenian,Somali,Spanish,Swahili,Swedish,Tagalog,Tamil,Telugu,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Urdu,Vietnamese,Welsh,Yiddish,Yoruba,Zulu() Interpretation Voices: Afrikaans,Albanian,Arabic,Armenian,Bosnian,Catalan,Chinese (China),Chinese (Taiwan),Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,French,German,Greek,Haitian,Hindi,Hungarian,Icelandic,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Latvian,Macedonian,Norwegian Bokml,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese (Brazil),Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Serbian,Slovak,Spanish,Swahili,Swedish,Tamil,Thai,Turkish,Vietnamese,Welsh() Vocal recognition: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, SwedishFor support contact us :Twitter : : :

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WiFiKey-WiFi Connect Manager

WiFiKey helps users connect Wi-Fi freely. It provides users a truly safe Wi-Fi environment with secured connection and free speed service on different platforms. It helps users master Wi-Fi easilier.

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TransZilla Translator Free

TransZilla is free translator. The translator supports more than 50 languages. - Visit our website for more info: - Drop me a line: [email protected] - If you enjoy the app, please rate it on App Store and tell a friend

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Lich Van Nien 2017 - Lich Viet

ng dng LCH VIT - LCH VN NIN ph bin nht cho iOS Xem ngy m nm inh Du, t vi, xng t nm mi 2017 ng k v ng b ti khon Lch Vit Online, kt ni ti khon Lch Google/Facebook Tnh nng Trang ch hon ton mi gip bn tra cu nhanh v lin kt ti ton b tnh nng hu ch B hnh nn tui th dn gian c sc Gi thip chc Tt, Valentine, 8/3 v cc dp quan trng trong nm Xem t vi 12 cung hong o (Horoscope) hng ngy m xui - m ngc cc s kin quan trng ca bn Xem T Vi 2017, xng t nm inh Du Chn ch danh ngn v chia s danh ngn ln Facebook Thm s kin, nhc nh theo lch m: nhc ngy gi, ngy sinh nht, ci hi, Widget calendar : Tra cu nhanh ngy m dng trong thng m khng phi m ng dng. Nhng Tnh Nng Ni Bt: Trang ch + Lch thng:- Tra cu nhanh thng tin hng ngy- Truy cp nhanh ti cc tnh nng hu ch- Truyn cm hng hng ngy vi danh ngn c sc- Xem nhanh ngy m, Dng theo thng- Xem danh sch s kin quan trng- Xem ngy hong o, hc o trong thng- Xem video truyn cm hng hng ngy- Xem Lch chiu phim hng ngy- Xem danh sch s kin m xui ngc yu thch- Xem s kin Ngy ny nm xa: Khm ph cc s kin Quc t & Vit Nam xy ra trong qu kh Lch Ngy- Xem lch m, lch Dng - Xem can, chi ca ngy, thng, nm - Xem gi Hong o - Xem tui xung, tit kh, hng xut hnh - Xem thng tin v ngy Tam nng, Nguyt k, T tuyt, - Hin th danh ngn theo ch v thay i theo ngy- Xem thi tit trong ngy v cc ngy k tip- Giao din p vi nhiu hnh nn vui nhn Lch S kin- Hin th danh sch s kin ngy l, ngy gi, hiu h- To s kin mi nhanh chng vi giao din bt mt- Tm kim s kin theo ch - Lin kt s kin t Google Calendar v Facebook Events- Tm kim v lu thng tin lch chiu phim Tnh Ngy - i mt ngy bt k t lch Dng sang lch m v ngc li- Tnh khong cch gia hai ngy- Cng, Tr ngy m - Dng Vn ha Vit- Phong tc truyn thng, l hi trong nm- B su tp cc bi ng dao, ht ru- Tr chi dn gian Khm ph- Xem Sao trong Nm- Gi thip chc mng cc dp quan trng trong nm- Gii mng- T vi nm 2017- Bi tnh duyn- m xui m ngc- Xem cung hong o (Horoscope) hng ngy- La bn phong thu, thc L Ban- V rt nhiu tnh nng khc ang c hon thin V vic cp quyn cho ng dng Lch VitKhc vi phin bn trc, phin bn mi ca Lch Vit c thm tnh nng to ti khon, ng b d liu online, kt ni vi Facebook v Google Calendar. Xin cm n tt c nhng ng gp v phn hi qu bu ca cc bn

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Typiora Keyboard

Typiora is an amazing keyboard extension that has a lot of powerful features to help you to type with fun and convenient like Cursor Control, Swipe to Delete, Text-Case Control, ForceTouch-Capitalize, Alternate Key, Numbers Row, Shortcuts, or One-Hand Mode. Typiora has the best responsive themes engine, you can change the keyboard to hundreds of beautiful themes and still meets the requested Dark or Light scheme. Follow Typiora [email protected]

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