Improve your writing with Textkraft Textkraft is a professional writing app, specially developed for authors, editors, translators and other prolific writers. Textkraft is the best text environment Ive discovered yet, The de facto intelligent text processor, top rating at This incredibly feature-rich app goes well above and beyond whats expected of a mobile word processor, top rating at More than 5 m downloads since 2011The magic about Textkraft is, that it has all documents for your project in one app, side by side, without downloading times accessible. Auto corrections can be disabled Words can be added to the dictionary temporarily or permanently Place diacritical marks & umlauts automatically Access to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote & BOX Save securely on WebDAV & ownCloud Local storage Textkraft does not force you to use a cloud Document overview & favorites Delete, rename, create, copy and move files File sharing with Mac/PC without internet transmission Precise cursor navigation with real keys & scrollbars Select a word, sentence or paragraph or extend your selection with just one tap Change capitalization with a tap no cursor navigation required Unlimited undo/redo Insert quotation marks & brackets with a tap Forward delete, tabulator, symbols & special characters Search & replace (grep for regular expressions) System wide Spotlight Search External keyboards with shortcuts Dictate with Siri & navigate with VoiceOver Make non-breaking spaces visible Text statistics & Flesch readability index Compare files & list changes Multilingual text to speech 20 font faces, flexible paragraph & line spacing, page margins A special font for users with dyslexia Many text and headline styles & highlighters Enumeration function & interactive check boxes Color themes & night mode Publish full featured e-books or save them in iBook Export and share TXT, Markdown, PDF, RTF, HTML & EPUB Open MS Office documents, e-books, PDF, HTML, images, audio, movies and many other formats as working model Import RTF, RTFD, HTML & EPUB Convert MS Word DOC & DOCX files to plain text Printing & PDF export with preview & adjustable options Share documents via e-mail, iMessage, SMS or MMS Post to Twitter, Facebook, Sina & Tencent Weibo Send files to other apps & devices (AirDrop) Share Extension receives text from any app without opening Textkraft Avoid unauthorized access with passcode & Touch ID Uses Apple Data Protection ANTI-SPY GUARANTEE: Your documents are not evaluated, or made accessible to others

Textkraft Professional alternatives


With the Letter app you can now write your personal letters on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch too, when and where you want. Your letters are stored securely and synchronized between devices using iCloud. To summarize all the features once more: Letters can be printed (AirPrint), sent by email, and opened in other applications in PDF format With the search function letters can be found again quickly and easily Letters can be signed directly in the application International addresses are automatically formatted correctly All letters are stored securely and synchronized between devices using iCloud Text template can be used to create ready letter in just a few secondsPlease send us an email to [email protected] if you have any problem or feature requests.

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Scrivo Pro for Scriveners

60% OFF SALE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY Now You Can Write the Great American Novel on the Subway Scrivo Pro is capable and powerful New York TimesEven if you dont use Scrivener, Scrivo Pro is a useful and powerful writing and editing tool. But, if you do use Scrivener, youll appreciate the user interface and design iMore.comThe other great advantage is that I can work in Scrivo Pro without an internet connection Writeorconsequences.comApp featured by Apple on the Best apps for writers collection You have a story to tell, article to publish, class notes to take, whether its todays journal entry, tomorrows thesis or a future bestseller novella. PROTECT YOUR WORK Protect your work with an app security passcode Protect any folder or project with a passcode Automatic Backups

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Textilus Pro Word Processor

ON SALE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME Textilus Pro is a great word processor app for students and business people, also being excellent for writing reports, papers, blog posts, journals or ebooks Textilus Pro can help you organize your research, generate ideas, and remove distractions so you can focus on the most important thing: writing. Thanks to iCloud and Dropbox Sync, your documents in Textilus will synchronize between your iPad and iPhone automatically. + Export and email your work as PDF, RTF, RTFD, ePUB, TXT, PNG and HTML

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SnipNotes is your always accessible notebook. Quickly save and use notes from any app with the powerful notification center widget. SnipNotes is also on Twitter (

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Notebooks 8

Notebooks provides you with convenient ways to quickly write down notes or carefully create beautiful documents, store and organize files, and manage tasks and projects. It converts documents to PDF or produces eBooks with just a few taps, and even offers an optional, full featured PDF Reader. Thank you

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