TappTemp is an easy to use client application for users of the Tapp system who want to simplify the daily temperature monitoring procedure by using the Digi Wireless Temperature Probe. Features:- Seamless integration with the Tapp system.- Screen-driven temperature monitoring process.- Significant time savings over the manual temperature monitoring method. Demo/demo login can be used to fully evaluate the application functionality.


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TappTemp alternatives

Police Lights and Siren ~ The best emergency flashing strobe lights and alarm sound

The Best Emergency Flashing Strobe Lights and Sounds 1,000,000 Downloads, Thanks to You FEATURES:[+] Transform your phone into police car[+] Police light mode simulates a cop light bar[+] Strobe light mode works like a stroboscope[+] Emergency light with red and blue patterns[+] Real police siren sound[+] You feel like a police patrolling the streets[+] The light can be used as a warning signal[+] The light is useful for walks at night[+] Useful for parties, rave, techno, disco and cop cosplay[+] Use it at rock, house, hip hop, EDM concerts.

  • rating 3.92857
  • size 10.9 MB


i-Security is a free app specially built for iOS devices that allows you to remotely monitor live video from security cameras through i-Security Surveillance systems. Users can view multiple cameras simultaneously by 3G or WiFi. Support QR code (new feature in v4.3.0, only with NVRChamp)Supported Systems Supported OS: iOS- iOS 7, 8 & 9- iPhone 4 and above- iPad2 / the NEW iPad / iPad Air / iPad Air2 / iPad ProSupported products & software version:-NVR(IP+)/Hybrid NDVR/ DVR: V3.5.0 or above version (Push Notification is available with v4.1)-NVRmini2: 1.0 or above version (Push Notification is available with v1.6)-TitanNVR: 1.0 or above version -NVRsolo: 1.0-Crystal Titan: 2.0Supported Video codec: -MJPEG -MPEG4 -H.264

  • size 31.2 MB

P$ Mobile Service

With Stationnement de Montrals P$ Mobile Service payment system, you can pay for your parking space with your smartphone from wherever you happen to be Its simple, fast, and secure Enjoy the following advantages: Pay from wherever you happen to be; Receive a reminder of the time your period of paid parking will end; Manage your account and review your transaction history at any time; Pay by credit card; no more need to carry change; Consult the rates and regulations of parking spaces. N.B. Each transaction is handled separately from previous ones.

  • rating 3.9
  • size 89.2 MB


HonkMobile provides a quick and easy way to pay for parking with your mobile phone. Forget waiting at pay stations or scrounging for change. Features include:* FREE to download* FREE to register* Pay for parking in seconds flat with your mobile phone* No more walks to the pay station* No more waiting in line to pay* Get notified when your parking session is about to expire* Extend your parking session from wherever you are

  • size 22.7 MB

MyBell Mobile

With this app, it has never been easier to manage your Bell services anytime, anywhere right on your phone. You can use the app over our 3G, 4G and LTE networks free of charge, without using your data plan. For any application support or troubleshooting please contact: [email protected] more about app permissions: bell.ca/privacypolicy

More Information About alternatives

Digi Honeycomb

Wireless temperature monitoring of perishable goods in the food industry throughout the cold chain. Honeycomb App is an easy-to-use app that allows registered Digi Honeycomb users in grocery, restaurant, and transport verticals to use their iPhones and iPads to view real-time data collected by their HBTemp wireless temperature monitoring sensors. Key features:- Displays current temperature of your temperature-controlled inventory- Highlights Alert, Warning, and Defrost statuses of your coolers- Shows details of each sensor, including historical graphs- Allows to configure Digi and bluenica sensors and gateways General requirements:- iOS 7 or newer- Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity on your mobile device- A user account and login credentials (demo account is available)- The Honeycomb system of HBTemp sensors and gateways

  • size 33.1 MB
  • version 3.30.36

Digi ColdChain

Digi ColdChain is an easy-to-use app that allows registered Digi Honeycomb users in grocery, restaurant, and transport verticals to use their phones and tablets to view real-time data collected by their HCtemp wireless temperature monitoring sensors and to optionally perform temperature probing and daily task management. This application replaces time-consuming manual store temperature audits with real-time alerts and on-screen reports and details. Key features:- Task management features with corrective actions capability- Displays current temperature of your temperature-controlled inventory- Highlights Warning and Alert status of your equipment- Shows details of each sensor, including historical graphs- Allows to configure Digi ColdChain gatewaysGeneral requirements:- iOS 7 or newer- Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity on your mobile device- Digi Honeycomb account and login credentials (demo account is available)

  • size 56.1 MB
  • version 1.41.61

VersaTrak Mobile

Mobile application for monitoring temperature/sensor data from the VersaTrak Wireless Monitoring System.

  • size 10.3 MB
  • version 2.7


TPMSTX500/TN500iphoneAPP4, 1OBD 2 3APPBarPsiKpakgf/cm2 , 4APP DIY TPMS for iphone(TX500) & TPMS for iphone(TN500) from ShenYongtong,are an Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) to work with IOS APP in a vehicle for realtime monitoring individual tire pressure and temperature once Bluetooth from iphone/ipad connected as monitor to ensure on-road safety. Features 1Power Supply through the vehicle diagnostic system(OBD),Wireless transmission. 4Free exchange tire position sensor and manual learning.

  • size 4.6 MB
  • version 1.3

LuLa Consultant Collage Maker BTQE

With a specific focus on SPEED and CUSTOMIZABILITY, BTQE features a time-saving Quick Edit Mode, various, fully-customizable templates and a flexible collage-saving system with Google Drive-integration. To make the collage-creation process extra fast, BTQE includes templates with pre-defined styles and prices that get saved automatically. FEATURES Extensive Drag&Drop Template Editor with automatic alignment functionality Lightning-fast Quick Edit Mode with pre-defined styles, sizes and prices Template Management System with Single-Item- & Outfit-templates High-Resolution Collage Export to Google Drive + Cameraroll Highly customizable template layouts that get saved automaticallyNote: Due to the dynamics of prices of certain fashion items, the displayed prices might vary.

  • rating 4.57407
  • size 33.3 MB
  • version 1.1.3


WorkTne Mobile is an optimal application that keeps track of employees and contractors time and expense on the goWorkTne Mobile is an online time tracking, billing and expense management solution that will save you time, ensure accuracy and reduce your costs by up to 90%.WorkTne Mobile simplifies your back office and eliminates paperwork by fully automating and integrating all your project accounting processes with a single, easy-to-use web-based platform. Simplify time sheets and the billing process with intuitive automation and seamless integration. Features:Records Time spent by Project, Task and ServiceRecords Expenses in detail by Project and Task with expense descriptionCaptures client approved timesheets and expense receipts On the GoSubmission of the Timesheet and Expenses for approvalEmail Notification for Timesheet and Expense submissionWeekly view of Submitted / Approved Timesheet and Expense

  • size 16.0 MB
  • version 1.1

Advent Resources

Advent CRM replaces sticky notes, paper desk calendars and fallible human memory with an automated, results-driven system that makes interactions with prospects and customers more timely, more impactful, and ultimately more profitable. From inquiry to close and at every customer touch point in between Advent CRM delivers the process support you need to capture, manage, convert and retain customers. Some of the key features of our CRM include:- Captures ups from multiple sources including: drivers license scans, telephone leads, internet lead sources, manufacturers and manual data entry.- Find existing customers, update client information, credit application input and client status.- Internet lead management helps you capture, assign, track and manage leads as they flow through your dealership.- Daily work plans available for employees allowing the user to respond to clients via email, text or click-to-dial technology all within the app.

  • size 11.1 MB
  • version 1.0.1

System Status - Battery & Network Manager

Would you like to control and monitor all activity of your iOS devices then System Status Monitor is the perfect app for you people. System Status Monitor is the ultimate app for activity monitoring, managing and optimizing your device performance. It provides significant system status information such as battery charge and activity log, memory manager, cpu and disk usage, network info with wifi or cellular identification, various hardware-related data etc. Battery charge and activity log Battery level visual display Battery status monitor (discharging, charging, fully charged) Battery work time usage activity (video, audio, Wi-Fi and 3G internet, talk time, 2D and 3D games, stand by) Tips on saving battery life Memory manager and storage (disk) monitoring Runtime memory consumption Graphical display of wired, active, inactive, and free memory Total, used and free storage (disk) usage observation CPU usage monitoring & processes list Runtime CPU usage & CPU load graph CPU Usage with user usage, system usage and idle usage All running processes and applications list with detailed information about each of them including process name, process start time and date, priority & PID List of application services in background Network connection details Network connectivity information Wi-Fi data usage and 3G (cellular) data usage MAC and IP address of the current connection Network data send and receive details General Device Information like system boot time, device model, operating system name and version etc Detailed CPU information like model, CPU frequency, and others Hardware features of the device including display resolution, pixel density, battery capacity, front and rear camera resolution and many more Other features Full support for all iPhone and iPod Touch devices Retina display, high resolution, pixel perfect graphics Real time updates of the display every time the monitored parameters change Share general information like device details, CPU information and hardware information via email Easy to use interface and much moreCheckout app video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD_47ByeRdE

  • size 12.7 MB
  • version 3.0


The first home automation system fully programmable from smartphones. Economic, Easy, No Wires No automation expertise to configure your home automation scenario. Supervision and reporting of energy consumption- Security: Protect your home from theft, fire, flooding and much more - Energy management: save money by monitoring and managing energy consumption - Home Automation: automate the lights, thermostats, blinds, irrigation and much more SAFETY unlimited number of virtual alarms (partitions) Alarm activation if: - Intrusion (motion sensors and door / window sensors) - Fire (smoke detectors) - Flooding (sensors of water leaks), - Gas leak (CO sensor) - Panic button, - Duress (if anyone forces you to disarm the system) - Easy integration with existing alarm systems - Easy on-line configuration and configuration via web interface ENERGY MANAGEMENT - Energy consumption in real time with your smartphone - Automatically turn your appliances - Detailed analysis of energy consumption - Save energy by automating lights, thermostats, awnings LIGHTING - Easy installation of wireless modules - Support Z-Wave - Support remote dimming and on / off with any smartphone - Unlimited number of scenarios - Advanced Configuration rules - Automatic lighting programs to discourage intruders, while the house is emptyCLIMATE - Multi space heating and cooling control with your smartphone - Easily create an unlimited number of custom zones (thermostats) - Multi humidity control using standard dehumidifiers - Advanced scenarios to automate the climate on the basis of other environmental events and domestic- Notification and automated actions if the event of over-temperature, power outages, and other incidents IRRIGATION - Control unlimited number of irrigation areas - Use of advanced programming options online to install irrigation process - Automated irrigation system on the basis of weather forecasts on the Internet - Integrate the irrigation system with your home automation scenarios completeACCESS CONTROL - Control shutters, awnings and access with your smartphone - Automate engines using easy programming tool - Add commands sun shading in domestic scenarios together with lights, climate, alarms wireless modules for easy installationBut also: Surveillance, Control of Smart TV and more

  • size 38.3 MB
  • version 1.0

BBQ Remote

AppDesignGeeks brings you the BBQ Remote application for iPhone and iPad devices that allows you connect to your BBQ Guru CyberQ Wifi Device from anywhere in the world. No more standing around your Smoker or Pit monitoring your cook. Key Highlights:- Simple and Modern User Interface- On-the-fly adjustments for Pit Temp and Food Set points and Labels- Protect your device and cooks with optional in-app SECURITY- Ability to Start, Stop and Create new cooks directly from the app- No fear of losing your Cooking Notes and Images, automatically backed up in the CLOUDReal-time:- Pit and Food temperature readings- Blower output readings- Alarms for Pit/Food - Graphing to monitor your cooking progressApp Features:- Configure Control Setup and System Settings- Supports both Infrastructure and AdHoc mode - Take Notes with pictures to accurately record your cooking masterpiece- Stream (Public forum) to display your share your cooking expertise, tips, pictures with others passionate pit masters- My Account page with custom profile picture- Social Integration with Facebook and Twitter- Instantly share photos and comments with your friends on Facebook and TwitterWeb Portal:- Our app includes a Web portal where you can view / update any cooking notes that were saved from the app- Securely login to your cook history and notes

  • rating 1.84615
  • size 20.4 MB
  • version 3.11.0