Tap to Mine Collect as much ore as you can as fast as possible Purchase buildings to earn ore continuously, and upgrades to increase tap efficiency, watch as your stockpile grows insanely large at a hilarious rate. Unlock new pickaxes to mine even faster Invite your friends, see who can stockpile the most ore. Texture Pack courtesy of WeeHeeHeeThis app is an incremental game inspired by Minecraft and Cookie Clicker but is neither associated with nor endorsed by those developers.

TapMiner - Tap to Mine! alternatives

Medieval Merchant

Buy low and sell high Medieval Merchant is an incremental strategy game where the goal is to work your way up from a poor beginner merchant to an insanely wealthy merchant extraordinaire As time goes on, different events will occur in the cities throughout England, and as a result, the price of various goods will constantly rise and fall. This is where the strategy comes in you must be patient and observant in order to buy items at a low price and then sell them later for a hefty profit. Enjoy becoming Medieval Englands wealthiest and most powerful merchant

  • size 38.8 MB

Click and Conquer: Medieval Ages

Click until you cant click anymore How dedicated are you to purchasing that next structure or that next upgrade? Click and Conquer is an incredibly addicting incremental, idle, or clicker game - whichever you prefer to call it You start with absolutely nothing, but after just a few quick clicks, you can purchase your first villager From then on, your villagers can do the clicking for you. Do whatever you can to get enough resources for more structures and upgrades Click and Conquer is sure to keep you busy and addicted for hours upon hours Enjoy

  • rating 4.30769
  • size 26.3 MB

Rocket Rambler

Captain on the bridge Chart your course for fortune among the stars Beef up your rocket and see just how much money you can make Hire a crack crew or train a collection of cadets. Exploring the universe has never been so profitable Your crew awaits your orders, Captain. Make contact with unknown races as they pursue their own secretive ends

  • size 124 MB

Stone Master

Get your pickaxe and mine your way into glory Dig in this epic adventure and unveil the Miner in you To become a truly Stone Master and win this addictive idle clicker game, you must tap until your fingers gets sower, mining amazing and rare ores to find gold, gems, diamonds and even magic items Dont you dare stop clicking even for a second, this will get more difficult as you go from one rock to another and its not for the faint of heart. From sacred and radioactive rocks, to cursed thumb-stones and even entire planets + Find rare artefacts such as armors, diamonds, treasure chests, weapons and gems and sell those to get extra gold.+ Find magical items such as rings, necklaces and potions that will give you amazing super powers.+ Craft better pickaxes and upgrade your tools and skills to become an epic miner and blacksmith.+ Manage your backpack and equip the right items to improve your skills.+ Extremely easy to play and addictive;+ Facebook Ranking so you can see among your friends whom is the truly Stone Master.+ Amazing pixel art graphics. Are you up for this challenge?

  • rating 4.59155
  • size 94.2 MB