Use this app to setup your Tank Utility remote monitor in just a few easy taps. Tank Utility is a wireless propane and fuel oil tank monitor that allows you to track your usage, set alerts, and communicate with your delivery company. We combine accurate data on tank levels and real-time consumption patterns into one simple, easy-to-use application.

Tank Utility Setup alternatives


This app remotely controls Wireless Sensor Tags cloud temperature/humidity/motion recording, monitoring and lost-item-finder device. Use it to make each tag beep (helps find lost items) and receive push notifications when each tag detects motion, door/window open/close, water presence, temperature or humidity exceeding normal range. This applies only if you install and enable KumoApp automation scripts that use/monitor your phones location.

  • size 23.5 MB

OnCue Plus

KOHLER Generators OnCue Plus Generator Management System App Enjoy peace of mind in the palm of your hands. Whether youre at home, traveling or on the go, youll never have to worry about the power in your home or business. Paired with a standby KOHLER generator, the OnCue Plus Generator Management System allows you to: View real-time power status of your home or business Turn on/off electrical applications or entire rooms from anywhere in the world* Receive instant generator updates via text or email Schedule generator maintenance appointments with your KOHLER dealer And more *Requires the Programmable Interface Module, which can be purchased with your KOHLER generator

  • rating 3.0
  • size 47.9 MB


The ezOutlet App is for use with the ezOutlet device. The ezOutlet device is designed to auto power-cycle when network fails. Enable watchdog (auto reset) function Done.

  • size 4.0 MB

Mopeka TankCheck

This application is designed to be used with the Mopeka TankCheck sensor. The Tank Check application can measure the LPG propane level to tell you the exact fill level and when your tank is empty. Note that the LPG fluid will be sloshing around in the tank for a few minutes and the quality of the measurements will be low until this has stabilized.

  • size 4.1 MB

MobiLinc Pro

Imagine touching a single button to turn on all the lights in a dark house before arriving or turn off all of the lights in one easy step on your way to bed. MobiLinc Featured in National Verizon Commercial over the 2012 Thanksgiving holiday Also, featured on ABC News and PC Pro Magazine you ever wish you could turn on lights from 1,000 miles away while on vacation to make it look like someone is home? YouTube Video Demonstrations:- Geo-fence and Push Configuration: Real Time Device Feedback: Lights and Irrigation Demonstration:

  • rating 4.2
  • size 194 MB