Open E-Mail attachments (winmail.dat) from Outlook users if you have any questions, problems or wishes please send an e-mail.

TNEF alternatives

TNEF's Enough

TNEFs Enough allows your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to read and extract files from Microsoft TNEF files. The files are usually received via email from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook users. TNEFs Enough can open the winmail.dat file and allow you to extract the attachments.

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  • size 2.8 MB


This application is intended to control and view video survey cameras Foscam VGA and HD H264 ( all models ) , HEDEN VisionCam (all models except HD) and compatible .APPLE WATCH COMPATIBLEAutomatic monitoring:- Enable and disable motion and noise detection on all cameras in a single step and by Apple Watch.- Activation and deactivation by geolocation (Possible synchronization between multiple iPhones).- Push and/or email notifications on alarm. Baby monitoring :- Nursery RhymesVido and management:- Live video and cameras remote control (including High Definition H264).- Listening to the monitored room.- Scan local network to find new cams and configure automatically IP address and port- Supports optical zoom for high-end cameras.- Rotating cameras by the finger swiping on the screen.- Live video thumbnail in the home screen.- Choose between cell list and Thumbnail Collection (1, 2 or 3 thumbnail per lines or column)- Full screen image in landscape mode.- Adaptation of the video bit rate according to the network.- Recording preferred positions with the possibility of patrolling between these points.- Positioning on work or rest position automatically (on detection activation or deactivation)- Video recording or snapshot of current visualization.- Pin code or touchId to access the app.- Ability to disable Auto Sleep for permanent display.- Etc etcThe application is maintained through regular updates each time with new features . Advanced live video and control functions are available to test for 2 weeks, then accessible via in-app purchase for the symbolic price .I remain very attentive to the users and if you have any question or any problem, rather than leaving a negative opinion on the Apple Store which will not help you, do not hesitate to contact meThanks in [email protected]

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Winmaildat Opener

Winmail.dat Opener is a free app to open those common winmail.dat attachments. This app is free of charge and fully functional, giving you access to the files without any need for further in-app purchases. So, before submitting a one star review stating that our service didnt work, please ensure that your file is indeed a winmail.dat file and not one of a hundred different file types with a .dat extension.

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Rich Text & File Manager

The Rich Text & File Manager app is an effective and efficient application for writing rich text and converting your rich text to images, html and so on. The simple UI lets you navigate fast and get the job done within minutes. Email converted files.

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  • size 13.8 MB