Graphing Calculator 84 has a formidable reputation of being the top alternative to heavy complex hardware calculators. It is suitable for all types of users, whether they are looking to carry out basic or advanced mathematics; Graphing Calculator 84 has it all. IT IS THE MUST HAVE CALCULATOR We love your feedback, Thanks a lot Please contact us for questions, bugs/crash reports, conversion requirements, etc


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TI 84 Graphing Calculator UM+ alternatives

Egenda - Homework Manager

A powerful homework manager built by students for students. Made by award winning developers, Egenda brings you the best of homework management in a full featured, beautifully designed cross platform app. Hammer your HomeworkIncludes:- Manage all of your homework, projects, quizzes, and tests from all of your classes in one place- Never forget an assignment with daily reminders about whats due the next day- Add notes to remember group members or assignment details- Easily sort by class, due date, and completion- Compatibility with iOS 8.0 and above as well as all devices (both iPhone and iPad)Developed and Designed by Ari Cohn and Ritvik Annam

  • rating 4.58394
  • size 33.8 MB

PocketCAS Mathematics Toolkit

PocketCAS is the most advanced mathematics application for iPhone and iPad. It can help you with any kind of math problem, from elementary school all the way up to calculus, algebra and statistics. Its a work of art

  • size 63.2 MB

Free Graphing Calculator 2

The Free Graphing Calculator app, re-written from the ground up: All screens have portrait and landscape Polynomial solver up to 10th degree Wide range of settings for font sizes and graph line widths Additional matrix/systems of equations material in reference, with more coming Copy/Paste works in many places Updates to this version will be more frequent, going forward Please report bugs to the email address inside the appDoes far more than most of the paid calculators out there . . Thanks

  • rating 4.57143
  • size 103 MB


GraphNCalc83 is a modern version of the classic graphing calculator. The familiar calculator keyboard, arrow keys and functions are enhanced with full touch input for all graphs, editors and menus. Pop up bubble help displays function arguments during problem entry and program editing.

  • rating 4.79746
  • size 14.2 MB

Scientific Graphing Calculator

I would recommend buying the Scientific Graphing Calculator 2 instead of this app. That said, I will be maintaining this app. Thanks

  • size 16.0 MB

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The perfect tool for students, teachers and engineers, built on an extremely powerful algebra engine, SymCalc solves any math problems from basic arithmetics to university-level advanced math. It offers all the advantages of an advanced graphing/scientific calculator mixed with the convenience of a modern mobile app. - Solvers: single equations or systems, symbolically or numerically, differential equations - Complex arithmetics - Graphing- Session management: export, import sessions or create PDF files - All built-in functions come with descriptions and examples- Fully offline

  • size 28.6 MB
  • version 2.0.1

Scientific Graphing Calculator 2

I believe this is now better overall than the Scientific Graphing Calculator. The Scientific Graphing Calculator app, rewritten from the ground up: All screens have portrait and landscape Polynomial solver up to 10th degree Wide range of settings for font sizes and graph line widths Updates to this version will be more frequent, going forward Matrix calculator more intuitive and is integrated with main calculator screen Table has an ask mode where you enter input values and it gives you the outputs. Please report bugs to the email address inside the appFeatures:1) Scientific Calculator. Thanks

  • rating 4.2
  • size 123 MB
  • version 10.2.3

Calculator #

Over 4,500,000 Downloads Worldwide Top Free Utilities Apps in US, UK, AUS, CAN, GER, Rated & Reviewed on ILoveFreeSoftware.comFREE Alternative to Graphing TI-83, TI-84, TI-89, Casio FX, Sharp EL,Calculator # The free, multi-function calculator for iPhone/iPad is proud to offer a variety of features to satisfy wide ranges of customers: The App possesses a powerful math core and algebra engine with mathematical display support, making it a viable tool for everyone from those looking for basic calculation to more advanced users, such as scientific computation, engineers, and math students. Calculator # makes available everything you need including a user manual and tutorial video clips so you can master the app in a matter of minutes Official Website: GENERAL FEATURES: Universal Calculator App Support All the Latest Devices Support Multitasking (iPad) Support Wireless KB Mathematical Display Edit & Export Expression/Result History Tape View Basic Calculations (+, -, x, , %, Abs,) Advanced Functions (Sin,Cos,Ln,X , ^, ,) 14 Memory Variables (Including X,Y,Z,M) Assignment Operator F(x) Customize Functions (F1 Only) Fraction and Degree/Angle Calculation Numeric Integral Calculation Dual Skins (Silver Light & Carbon+) ALGEBRA FEATURES: Big Integer & Rational Number (Up to 30 ) Expand and Factor Polynomials Basic Indefinite integral EQUATIONS SOLVERS: Quadratic Equations System of Linear Equations (2 Unknowns) 2D GRAPH: Snap to Points Smooth Zoom & Transformation MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese: Include iPhone 6/6S+ HD Retina Display: Standard English KBWe love your feedback, Thanks a lot

  • rating 4.71739
  • size 86.6 MB
  • version 4.6.2

Easy Electricity

Electricity is everywhere around us. Thanks to Easy Electricity kids of all ages will learn the basics about wire connections. There are 3 ways of playing the game:- Easy mode with basic exercises- Hard mode with advanced exercises- Creation mode in which kids can create and play with their own electric circuitsA lot of items are available:- 2 conventional batteries- 2 kinds of light bulbs- switches- a wind turbine- an hydroelectric dam- solar panels- an engine- an electric train- a calculator- LCD screens- and also potatoes for battery Learning electricity has never been so easy and so fun thanks to Easy Electricity

  • size 12.3 MB
  • version 1.3

Rhythm Studio

Rhythm Studio is a must have app for musicians It is a premier universal electronic music making app, boasting richly detailed graphics and incredible sound, with impeccable recreations of classic synths and drum machines along with other amazing studio hardware.-=-Dance Music has been riding a heavy old-school wave, of which the 303s resurgence is part The 303 sound is also finding its way into a lot of pockets, thanks to Pulse Code - Michaelangelo Matos, SPIN Magazine.-=-What makes Rhythm Studio stand out?Rhythm Studio balances advanced music making features by using an easy to understand interface resembling real instruments. Install the latest firmware available for your device

  • size 37.8 MB
  • version 1.14

iformula pro

iformula pro is much more than a simple math equation library like other apps, it is a math productive platform and has become a standard for higher math education at schools and universities Awarded with the iPhone app plus hottest award - iformula Scientific calculator for the Apple Watch included iformula pro is a math formula library, which was specially developed for academic students, engineers, high school students with math course and scientist with higher mathematics skills. Did you also sometimes forget a math equations, or formulas you have learned very hard years before? Where ever you are, at the campus or at your company or anywhere outdoors - if you have something to calc - iformula is always with you An the best - you dont need a LTE, 3G, Wifi or network connection to view the equations or to work with the app, all math formulas and functions are included in the app no need to download anything There is no need of carrying around heavy paper mathematics library books anymore - iformula is your right choice Failing an exam or cant go on with your calculations, because not knowing an equation, belong to the past Special equation memo technique included iformula pro includes the following functions:- Math equation topics:* Areas, Planes* Analysis * Binomials* Bodies * Complex Numbers* Constants * Derive* Differential Equation * Fractions* Geometric Constructions* Geometery* Graphic Functions * Greek Alphabet* Integration * Logarithm* Power* Probability * Quadratic Equations * Roots * Series, Sequences * Trigonometry* Units* Statistical distributions* Distribution tables* and much more- NEW: Apple Watch support: Scientific calculator for the Apple Watch - Additional app functions:* NOW with full featured equation and math topics search functionality (search for thousands of math topics)* Scientific calculator included in the app * Notes system for important equation notes* Bookmarking system for your favorite equations * Airdrop (send equations sheets to other iOS7 devices)* Math dictionary English - German, German - English * Also includes calc links to many topics to calc equations online * Dual language support: German, English - Deutsch,English* Completely numbered tree structure with more subchapters, search-index* Send math equation sheet to social networks or via email * Print out math equation sheet to your printer via AirPrint This app does not include any annoying advertisement

  • size 31.2 MB
  • version 10