Tagr is the mobile app to find street art near you, identify the artist who made it, experience the story behind the art, and - if youre an artist - establish and grow your audience. Perfect for photographers, artists, fans and galleries alike. Free to use for everyone, everywhere

TAGR - Recognize Art alternatives


PLEASE NOTE, This app will not work without properly installed and working equipment, either:a) an online Zodiac iAquaLink Web-Connect Device, installed on a working AquaLink pool automation system, orb) an iQPUMP Variable-Speed Pump Web-Connect Device, connected to a Jandy or Zodiac Variable-Speed Pump, or c) a Robotic Pool Cleaner featuring iAquaLink Control (models may vary by country)TO LEARN MORE about the above equipment, please iAquaLink.com. ABOUT THE APP: iAquaLink offers intelligent pool control anytime, from anywhere. TO CONTACT USIn the US:Zodiac Support: www.zodiac.com/en/united-states/contactZodiac toll-free support: 800-822-7933For Global Support:Zodiac Support: www.zodiac.comADDITIONAL INFORMATIONiAquaLink Owners Center: https://www.iaqualink.comZodiac is a registered trademark of Zodiac International, S.A.S.U., used under license.

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CANVS - Interactive Street Art

Discover the world of street art with CANVS. Locate murals, learn about the artists and share your favorites All in a fun and interactive experience. Download now and hit the streets Features: Interactive map city murals Detailed artist information Highlight your favorite murals Bookmark murals for later Keep track of murals youve already seen High quality photography Directions via Google or Apple Maps

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WikiArt - Encyclopedia of Fine Art

WikiArt app gives you free access to one of the most comprehensive repositories of fine art available online. Discover and enjoy more than 110,000 artworks by 2000+ artists from 73 countries all over the world covering 13-21 centuries timespan WikiArt app uses http://www. The application features both public domain art pieces and those protected by copyright law in accordance with the fair use policy.

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Seek Fine Art (SFA)

Find Galleries, Artists & Art Wherever You Are. Get inspired Seek Fine Art is a location-based fine art search app that allows you to immediately connect to the world of art around you. The world of art at your fingertips

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CUPS - Your Local Coffee Fix

Download now and start exploring your citys coffee scene. Gifting OptionShare CUPS with a friend or loved one Our in-app gifting option makes it super simple. More on CUPSWebsite: cupsapp.comBlog: blog.cupsapp.comTwitter: @cupsappFacebook: @cupsappInstagram: @cupsappTerms of Service & Privacy Policy: https://cupsapp.com/tos

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