System Status Lite is a lite version of System Status - the ultimate app for monitoring and optimizing your iPhone and iPad performance. The lite version monitors your devices basic parameters such as battery level, disk usage, CPU load and network connections. BATTERY MONITORING Graphical battery level display Battery state monitoring (discharging, charging, full)DISK MONITORING Used and free disk capacity monitoringCPU MONITORING CPU usage updated in real time Average load over the last 1, 5 and 15 minutesOPERATING SYSTEM System boot time and uptimeCELL & NETWORK MONITORING 3G and Wi-Fi network connection information IP address of the current connection Carrier information such as network provider and MCC/MNC codes External IP addressMORE Real time updates of the display once the monitored parameters change Copy/paste support Detailed help Regular updates, support page

System Status Lite - CPU, battery, storage monitor alternatives

Battery Memory System Status Monitor

Battery Memory System Status Monitor is the application for monitoring your devices performance. It provides powerful device information. Widget

System Monitor Ultimate

System Activity Monitor Ultimate is the application providing you all information about your device - hardware, operating system, processor, memory, GPU, network interface, storage and battery, including OpenGL powered visual representation in real time. Hardware information:- iDevice name- Screen resolution- Screen size- Retina capability- Pixel density- Aspect ratioOperating System:- Version- Build- Kernel information- Boot time- Uptime- Tick frequency- Operating system limits: VNodes, tick frequencyCPU:- Name- Coprocessor- Architecture- Physical and logical core count- Frequency- L1, L2 cache size- EndianessRAM:- Total memory- Memory type- Memory usage: wired, active, inactive, free- Page-ins- Page-outs- Page-faultsGPU:- Chip name- Supported OpenGL version- OpenGL vendor- Supported OpenGL extensionsNetwork:- Cellular technology (LTE, Edge, GPRS)- External IP- Internal IP- Netmask- Broadcast IP- Total WiFi and cellular traffic since boot. Storage:- Total available space on device- Free space- Used spaceBattery:- Battery capacity- Battery voltage- Battery status- Current battery level

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System Information Lite

System Information Is The Highest Rated App To View Information About Your Device System Information Provides:~ Disk Information (Total Disk Capacity, Used Disk, and Available Disk) ~ Network Information (IP Address, SSID, BSSID, External IP Address)~ Cellular Data (Carrier Name, MNC, MCC, Country Code, And If Your Device Allows VOIP)~ CPU Consumption Data (Used, Idle, and Load)~ RAM Information (Total Memory, Memory Used, Wired, Active, Inactive, Free, Pageins, Pageouts, Page Size)~ General Details (Battery, Boot Time, Uptime, Device Name)~ Rearranging Of The Sections So You Can Prioritize What Information Is Important To YouSystem Information Is Well Designed And Beautiful To Look At. It Is Incredibly Easy To Find And Share Information About Your Device Like No Other Application Of Its Kind.

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Netty - Network Analyzer, Wifi scanner IP net Ping Tool utility

Netty is a hassle free minimalist all-in-one iPhone and iPad app network analyser app. It can scan the Wi-Fi or ethernet you are connected to and give a list of all the devices that are connected to your router. P.S : The app doesnt detect WiFi strength as Apple has not exposed that info to developers.

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