Y Sn (Arabic: ) is the 36th chapter of the Quran with 83 ayat, and is one of the Meccan suras. It is often referred to as the Heart of the Quran in accordance with a well-known hadith of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad(P.B.U.H.). Quran Arabic text is synchronized with each reciting ayah.>>>>Following are the features of this Surah Yaseen application:>MP3 Recitation You can listen to tilwat of Surah Yasin in voice of popular reciters.>Urdu Translation Listen and read Surah Yasin with Urdu translation.>English Translation Listen and read Surah Yasin with English translation.>Benefits & Blessings Learn the benefits and blessings of learning, memorizing, and reciting Surah Yasin

Surah Yasin Audio Urdu - English Translation Pro alternatives

Holy Quran with Famous Reciters & 12 Audio Languages Translations

We are thankful to Allah Almighty () who chose us to work for his Glorious Quran. This Quran application is created from Hi Resolution Printing Files given by King Fahad Quran Complex. Jazak Allah

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Maariful Quran (Urdu & English)

Tafsir Maariful Quran by Mufti Muhammad Shafi Usmani (Rahimahullah)Urdu Books Volume 1 to 8 English Books Volume 1 to 8URDU audio recorded for the complete book and is categorized in Surahs/Chapters & English Content getting updated regularly on different Surah/Chapters. Mufti Muhammad Shafi Usmani (Rahimahullah) Biography in his own words. Please provide your FeedBack & Suggestions.

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Munajaat Maqbool - Accepted Duas

This app is a digital version of the popular Munajaat-e-Maqbool book by Sheikh Ashraf Ali Thanwi (may Allah have mercy on him). It contains more than 200 supplications from Quran and Hadith for daily reading along with translation in English and Urdu. Website: http://www.shlinfosystems.comEmail: [email protected]: http://www.twitter.com/shlinfosystemsFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/shlinfosystems

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Quran Memorizer - Memorize Quran for Kids & Adults

Touch Quran

Touch Quran is a complete Quran (Koran, Coran) in the real High Quality Uthmani calligraphy in Arabic based on our unique rendering engine. User friendly interface with Islamic design for Retina Display, easy navigation, and configurable font sizes. Highlights:- Display Quran in Uthmani calligraphy- Innovative Islamic user interface- 110 Quran Translations in 43 Languages- Easy to navigate through Quran translations- Display Quran Transliteration- Configurable font sizes- Retina Display Support

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