In StreetArt | SPOTTERON, you can put StreetArt on the map. Started in July 2015, this app aims for a community-driven, worldwide collection of Tags, Graffiti and StreetArt artworks and features location based entries of your findings - lets build the worldwide StreetArt Atlas together StreetArt is a very important contemporary art movement nowadays, with well known artists like Banksy, Zevs, Thierry Noir and many more and has its roots in the subcultures of Graffiti and Hiphop. Happy spotting You can also find the Desktop Map for Browsers at

StreetArt | SPOTTERON alternatives

CANVS - Interactive Street Art

Discover the world of street art with CANVS. Locate murals, learn about the artists and share your favorites All in a fun and interactive experience. Download now and hit the streets Features: Interactive map city murals Detailed artist information Highlight your favorite murals Bookmark murals for later Keep track of murals youve already seen High quality photography Directions via Google or Apple Maps

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What is Streetspotr?Streetspotr is the innovative app that allows you to earn money doing microjobs (fast, simple and fun jobs) using your smartphone. Simply open the app to discover where microjobs are available in your area and you are on the way to making some fast cash. Although Streetspotr uses advanced techniques to limit the usage of GPS to a minimum.

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Street Art London

Street Art London iPhone App (powered by Geo Street Art). Experience Londons prestigious street art using your iPhone with this comprehensive and authoritative mobile application. Features: - home feed displays the locations of the latest pieces of street art in London- app regularly updated by Street Art London - up to date map with hundreds of locations - filter the map by artist - use the GPS tracker to hunt down street pieces by your favourite artists- hundreds of street artists and images comprehensively laid out - compiled by Street Art London, the premier street art organisation in London - share pieces you find with friends from the app on facebook, twitter and email - news updates from Street Art London - yes, the app has Banksys work around London on it

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FlashInvaders is the official app from the artist Invader. Track down his street mosaics, flash them, score points and compete with other players.- FlashInvaders works in the entire world.- Authenticated photos are stored in your gallery and sent to Invaders website.- Share your progress on social media. A reality game by INVADER by LTU Technologies www.ltutech.comsupport: [email protected]

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