Survive against other street dogs in this simulator Be a dog, explore city streets, find food to survive and enjoy stray life full of dangers Try new Street Dog Survival Simulator Take control of a street dog, hunt to earn bonuses and upgrade dogs survival skills with this Street Dog Survival Simulator Choose your lifestyle - hide in the city streets or battle against other stray dogs Enjoy this realistic survival simulator Look for food, battle against street dogs and enjoy being a stray dog Street Dog Survival Simulator features:- Play as a street dog - different breeds - Survive on city streets, hunt, beware of stray dogs and enjoy street life - Mind dogs health indicator- Free survival mode- Realistic stray life simulatorLive the life of a street dog with this survival simulator Make friends with other stray animals to survive or battle against Try Street Dog Survival Simulator welcome to street dogss life Fight to survive and dons let other street dogs catch you

Street Dog Survival Simulator Free alternatives

Puma Survival Simulator

The Puma, also known as the Cougar or Mountain Lion, is a powerful cat. Some call him a super predator, similar to a Leopard. SUPER FUN SOUNDSPlenty of growling, barking, and bird sounds effects.

  • rating 3.35294
  • size 168 MB

Village Farm Life Dog Simulator 3D: Help Farmer

Start playing as guardian dog for farming on village, help your master to built his agricultural career in Village Farmer Dog 3D Simulator adventure game for mobile and tablet. This season help the farmer on his ranch to for different farm works. Enjoy this amazing animal simulator game on your mobile with action packed thrilling game play.

  • size 183 MB

Life Of Real Wild Stray Snow Dog

Lets live in snow with a dog? if you have no such experience then we are introducing the new game for you. In case if you find any bug that needed to be addressed just send us an email, we will improve it and reply to your email as soon as possible.

  • rating 3.5625
  • size 151 MB

Police Dog Training Sim: German Shepherd Chase

We have brought you a new trending game called police dog training simulator 2015. You will have to pass out these small yet challenging test to prove yourself the super cop dog. In case if you find any bug that needed to be addressed just send us an email, we will improve it and reply to your email as soon as possible.

  • rating 4.0
  • size 119 MB

Police Dog - Crime City Chase Outlaws and Catch them to Be the Cop Dog

The day starts as the criminal chase begins when you act as the professionally trained German shepherd to help police chase and catch criminals. Sniffing, chasing, running and jumping over the criminals, thief, robbers and other street thugs. FEATURES Real German Shepherd Chasing Skills Crime City Scenes with Various Missions Running, Attacking and Chasing Simulator Play as a Police Dog to Catch CriminalsYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.

  • rating 3.02703
  • size 158 MB