Get the music player you need, combining ease-of-use with professional grade features :- Crossfade songs- Cue songs with the Stop&Go mode (auto pause) - Use VERY large buttons to control playback- Disable automatic locking of the screen- Quickly edit playlist during playbackPlus version exclusives :- Save multiple playlists- Shuffle songs (with crossfading)- Adjust the crossfade duration (Crossfade and Shuffle modes)- Switch to a darker appearance- Choose whether to disable automatic locking or not- Choose whether to repeat playlists or not- Get the Repeat 1 modeYou still get a bunch of cool features like smoother music pausing (using crossfade mode), play next or prepare song options, and straightforward playlist reordering. The Stop & Go playback mode pauses playback between each track of the playlist, because sometimes you dont want your device to automatically play the next song. Please report issues to :[email protected] I cant get back in touch with you through the comment section of the App Store.

Stop&Go+ Music Player - Control your music alternatives

Mix & Mash

Looking for an awesome crossfade app to improve your music?Look no further - Mix & Mash is simply the best crossfade app for iOS Dont just listen to us - Check out what our users say: Very easy and cool interface, this is quickly becoming my favorite app A must have for any music lover Brilliant.been looking for something like this for ages and simple to use Does exactly what it says it does, works great, this is ideal for me The best auto mix dj app Fantastic and useful app Love to hear music on it Best app to do a DJ job without breaking your head I always use it. My pocket DJ Mash up your music library with this fun and easy to use app Mix & Mash is like having a DJ in your pocket. Check out our guide here -> iTunes match songs stored in the cloud are not yet supportedFor more information, feature requests, or support, please visit us at

  • size 20.7 MB

Play On Cue

Play On Cue is a music player which cues and plays individual sounds and songs when the Play button is tapped. When each song has finished, the next song is displayed and ready to play. Magic by Ariel Petrie is available on iTunes.

  • size 6.4 MB

Audieon crossfade music player

This is a great music player for playing your iTunes library in a cross fade. If you smart invert colors of OS, you can also use a black background. Gesture control of the playback screen (artwork image)1 finger Tap: Play Pause2 finger Tap: Play from the beginning | Play to the end1 finger Hold: Rev | Fwd2 finger Hold: -15sec | +15sec1 finger Swipe: Previous track / Next track2 finger Swipe: First track / Last track1 finger Drag: Volume control Gesture control of the playback screen (song title)Tap: Display the rating button NotesPlease be aware that DRM-protected media and Apple Music is not supported.


LiveTrax is the original (and still the best) backing tracks player LiveTrax is an audio cue controller/ backing tracks player for musicians who use tracks during live performances. When a song has finished playing, LiveTrax waits for you to start the next song. If youre a performing musician- LiveTrax is the only way to play live tracks

  • size 6.7 MB

Queue - Realtime Playlisting + Crossfade

Queue lets you create a fully editable, realtime playlist of your music with seamless crossfading between songs. Insert, re-order and remove songs as your queue (playlist) is playing - no interruptions to your music and no need to press any save buttons. Queue works with AirPlay.

  • size 2.8 MB