StockEdge is the ONLY mobile based app in India, which is 100% focused on research and analytics. It empowers the users to do self research by providing all necessary tools which are relevant for doing FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH, TECHNICAL RESEARCH, DERIVATIVES RESEARCH in very SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND framework. with simple interface and very effective short videos.


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StockEdge alternatives

Kite by Zerodha

Zerodhas flagship trading platform Kite Web is now available as an iOS app Clean & intuitive UI, super fast and super light backend for all your investment and trading needs.0 brokerage for investments and flat 20 for F&O trading. Check this link for the Kite user manual: One-tap universal instrument search for all contracts across all exchanges NSE, BSE, MCX- Live streaming data- Multiple marketwatch and live market depths- Advanced chart with 100+ indicators- Years worth of free historical chart data- Trade Equities, F&O, Commodities, Currency- Various order types: Regular, AMO, BO (Bracket orders), CO (Cover orders)

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Features of full version (available with 1-min/5-min in-app purchase - subscription of 1year) for NSE stocks and F&O.1. Live intraday candlestick chart updates(Stocks/FO) (1-min or 5-min, depending on the subscription type)2. Note: Data Updates in the app are based on purchased Technical Analysis 1-min or 5-min addon.

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Pulse by Zerodha

Pulse by Zerodha - Latest financial and market news from all major Indian news sources aggregated in one place

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iStocks Pro

iStocks is an intuitive and innovative solution for keeping a close watch on stock market. Features:* Watchlist - Keep watch on your favorite stocks by creating most intuitive and clean watchlist ever. With new Passcode Lock feature you can hide your stock details from others.

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More Information About alternatives


MemorEsto is a convenient simple application, which allows you to memorize anything you want. Application is based on the well-known spaced repetition method and gives you an ability to study at any place and any moment. Features: Easy highlighting of the word in the text on the card (to make type bold or change the colour) for more efficient studyng; 2 to 4 sided cards; 3 response levels for more effective studying (vs standard two): I remember, I dont remember, I remember very well; Easy navigation: swipe or tap to answer; Searchable listing of your cards that allows to look through your cards easily; Illustrative study curve allows to watch the process of learning; Illustrative statistics allows you to control easily the process of self-study; Application includes ability to add pictures to the cards from your own gallery; Clean and efficient user interface; MemorEsto will keep track of what you know and promote you to review at regular intervals.

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  • version 1.0

FD Elite Plus

DealerConnection Elite Plus is a customized website experience using a premier digital platform tailored for Ford and Lincoln Dealers. Please call your Digital Performance Manager at 1-866-550-7812, option for more information. Features:Seamless Websites - Device optimization for optimal website experience - Centralized control allows you to update your website across all platforms or customize specific device experiencesElite Plus ControlCenter - Integrated interface, analytics and training resources delivers smoothest experience possible - Customizable dashboard offers detailed analytics on everything from campaigns to individual tool performanceDigital Performance Manager - Proactive partners who understand your goals and suggest effective course of action to map to available technologies, services and resources - Expert navigators offer impactful advice to coordinate website experiences with your broader digital strategyIncentives Manager - Seamlessly integrates with your inventory manager to deliver up-to-date information - Automated process ensures tool control and consistencyCall Tracking - Tracks and records all calls for sales, service and parts and logs activity in the ControlCenter - Includes toll-free call-tracking numbersInventory Management Tools - CarFinder Automated Inventory Alerts notifies customers when a desired vehicle shows up in your inventory - Inventory Lifecycles intuitive forecasts on inventory to maximize marketing potential of all vehicles - Syndicates to three select car-shopping digital properties - Mobile app brings functionality of Elite Plus ControlCenter to your finger tipsDAS Integration - Integration enables you to view campaign performance and metrics, adjust advertising strategies and make edits to landing pages all from your SSO login - Unlimited use of Dynamic Inventory Ads, which places your inventory in front of relevant and targeted local market shoppers

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  • version 3.8.1

Avaz Pro - AAC app for Autism

Avaz, a full-featured AAC app, has been developed for children who are non-verbal or who have difficulty speaking. Avaz has been designed with the vision of making every voice heard Avaz is child- and caregiver-friendly, and helps therapists and educators to bring out the maximum potential in children. MAIN FEATURES Research based, graded Vocabulary Symbols and Images (15,000+ high-quality Symbolstix symbols or use your images) Measure the childs progress with Avaz analytics, presented as easy to understand graphs Print the vocabulary as a book , now the child can get consistent acces to his AAC device, even without an iPad Easy backup and restore using iTunes and Dropbox Seamless Integrated Text and Keyboard Mode Be Social Share your messages using email, Facebook, Twitter Reinforcement using zoom and animation Alert key Word prediction with pictures and text Instant Search to explore vocabulary easily Consistent Motor Planning No active internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G) required Grid Size Control Very simple help screen on all pagesADDITIONAL NOTES Educational institutions can get a 50% discount on Avaz if they purchase 20 or more licenses through Apples Volume Licensing Program for Education Detailed Tutorials and Support Videos

  • size 1.12 GB
  • version 4.3

NGRAIN Augmented Reality Player

The NGRAIN Augmented Reality Player lets you bring mobile augmented reality (AR) experiences created with NGRAIN authoring tools to your business Designed with enterprise clients in mind, NGRAIN Augmented Reality offers an effective way to provide on-the-job support for your workforce so they can perform maintenance, repair, inspection, training, and other tasks quickly and accurately. With the NGRAIN Augmented Reality Player, you can:- Accurately overlay 3D content on top of real-world physical objects using the iPad camera for instant visual feedback and guidance, making it ideal for on-the-job support and real-time decision making- Display contextually-relevant animations, annotations, videos, and technical illustrations, all of which show up at the right place and time- Easily make references to parts, system information, and other essential data so your workforce can order parts, carry out complex procedures, and perform other essential duties with confidence, speed, and accuracy- See whats going on inside physical objects - see how air or fluids pass through complex systems in real time and make it possible to understand the inner workings of the equipment your workforce operates and maintainsNGRAIN AR technology supports the display of multiple dynamic attributes in real time, such as temperature or density, making it easy for operators and maintainers to quickly identify trouble spots or see the real-time status and availability of individual components. Visit us at

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  • version 1.3

Understanding The Stock Market

Ever fancied investing in stocks & shares but did not do so because it all seemed too complicated? This app is dedicated to giving you a good understanding of the stock market and hopefully will enable you to make some money There are over 330 tuitional videos that will cover many aspects of stock market trading including:Stock Market Tips Facts How to Read Stock Market QuotesHow to Read the Stock Market Tables Like a ProStock Market For Dummies A FREE Step-by-Step Guide to Stock Market BasicsStock Investing Lesson 1 - What is the Stock MarketStock Investing Lesson 2 - Stock Investing StrategiesStock Investing Lesson 3 - What makes a company valuable and what makes a stock a BuyStock Investing Lesson 4 - Using Discounted Cash Flow DCF Analysis to Value StocksStock Investing Lesson 5 - Brokerage Fees ETFs and Managed FundsTen Secrets Of Stock Markets Part1Ten Secrets Of Stock Markets Part2How to Invest in Stocks Safely by R BalakrishnanStock Market Basics - Factors That Affect Supply and DemandIndian Share MarketHow to find the best products to invest154 How to Trade Stocks Using a Stop Order155 How to Close Stock Trades Using Stop and Limit Orders156 How to Trade Using One Cancels Other OCO Orders157 How to Use a Trailing Stop When Day Trading Stocks18 How to Trade Moving Averages Like a Pro Part 119 How toTrade Moving Averages Like a Pro Part 2162 How to Use Multiple Moving Averages for StructureMoving Averages 3 Minute Video on Using Moving AveragesTrade Setup Using Moving Averages on a Tick ChartHow to Trade Using the 200 Exponential Moving Average25 How to Trade Bollinger Bands - Stocks Futures Forex41 How to Use the Average True Range ATR To Set Stops177 How to Create Your Own Custom Scans in Prorealtime27 How to Trade the Parabolic SAR148 Developing a Trading System Part 4 - Walk Forward Test151 How to Buy and Sell Short StocksUNDERSTANDING CURRENCY PRICING - FOREX BASICSHow to Learn Stock Trading - The First Four ThingsHow to Learn Stock Trading - The Second Four ThingsOptions - What they are and how to research the strategies to use themShort Term Investment Strategies - 3 Simple Short Term Investment StrategiesIdentify Bottoms Part II Stock Price Analysis 50Making Use Of The News Stock Trading Analysis 55How to Calculate EBITDA - Complete Investment Banking Tutorial WalkthroughUnderstanding What a Stock Index is - Stocks Options Trading Guru TutorialsIntroduction to IndicesUnderstanding Stock Market Indexes 101CFA Level I Security Market Indices Video Lecture by Mr Arif Irfanullah20 What is a Stock Market Index - savingandinvestingcomNasdaq Composite Index Technical Analysis 2013 Trading UpdateEpisode 122 The Importance of Stock Indexes An Overview of the Popular Stock Market IndicesINDEX TRADING - TIPS ON BUILDING WINNING TRADING SYSTEMS AND TRADING MODELS - STOCK INDEXOverbought Index Stocks and Sectors 2014Gold Prices and Market Index iPhone App iGoldlineSuccess in Trading Stock IndexesStock Index Technical Analysis Dow Jones SP 500 NasdaqDow Jones Index Technical Analysis 2013 Trading UpdateStock Market Index Charts Technical Analysis Market Commentary 1115Stock Market Index Education Nasdaq-100 Options EducationSP 500 Dow Jones Stock Market Index Commentary 2011 2012 PreviewStock Index Technical Analysis SP 500 Dow Jones Nasdaq 100Stock Market Hits Pause Walk Around Wall Street Index ALERTDow Jones Industrial Average Index Thanksgiving Special Technical Analysis Pt 2SPX SP 500 Index Technical Analysis Chart Analysis Index Part 3Technology Bear 3X vs SP 500 Nasdaq Dow Jones Stock Index Bull Price Exhaustion Levels2012 SP 500 Index Update Wall Street Rally Loses Steam After Bernanke Speechand many more

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  • version 1.0

Interactive Tutorials for iOS App Development

- Learn iOS Development by tap-dancing - Tap, double tap, long press, drag and drop, shortcuts, just like you are learning on the real Xcode - More effective and funny than just watching the videos or reading the books - Yes Its not a bunch of theory, its a complete interactive training package on the newest version of Xcode, which take app to a whole new level - 140 Interactive Tutorials of Popular Open Source Projects in GitHub- To help you quickly and gracefully solve difficult problems in iOS DevelopmentWHAT IS IN INTERACTIVE TUTORIALS FOR iOS APP DEVELOPMENT? INTERACTIVE TUTORIALS FOR iOS APP DEVELOPMENT includes 140 self-paced lessons that allow you to progress at your own speed: - Active Label Supporting Hashtags, Mentions, Links- A Circular Progress Bar- A Custom TextField With A Switchable Icon- Render HTML And GIF With UIWebView- Render HTML And Execute The Javascript.- Call The Native Code By Javascript- Create A Notebook By HTML5- Using MKMapView- Add A Point Annotation To MKMapView- Use The Camera of MKMapView- Lightweight Swift Loading Activity- Toast With Very Simple Interface- Apple HUD (Volume, Ringer, Rotation,)- Live Animated Alert View- Beautiful Animated Alert View- A custom Visual Calendar- Customizable And Extensible Action Sheet- Give UIImageView The Ability To Focus On Faces- UITableView in UITableViewCell- Using Apples UIRefreshControl- iOS Simple Cool PullToRefresh Library- Elastic Pull To Refresh- A Rule-Based Validation Library- An Elegant iOS Form Builder- The Requested Build-In Validations Feature- Build A Bar Chart With A Title/Legend/Axis- Build A Linear Chart With Three Polylines- Build A Pie Chart And Export The Chart- Build A Line-Bar Combined Chart- An Adaptive Scrollable Graph View- An Elegant HTTP Networking Library- Socket On The Client Side- Socket On The Server Side- An In-App-Purchases Swift Framework- A Library For Downloading And Caching Images- Evaluate A String As A Mathematical Expression- Use SnapKit To Make Auto Layout Easier- A Fast And Lightweight XML/HTML Parser- Super Awesome CoreData Wrapper- A Type-Safe Swift Layer Over SQLite3- Finder-Style iOS File Browser- A Simple Generator Of PDF- A Framework For Zipping And Unzipping Files- 3DES Encryption And Decryption In Swift- MD5 Encryption In Swift- SHA1 Encryption In Swift- AVPlayerviewcontroller And Picture-In-Picture- A Powerful Customizable Media Player- Real-Time Filter To The Camera- A Library To Simplify iOS Animations- TextKit And Article Columns- TextKit And Image Embedded In The Paragraph- Launch External Apps And Deeplink- Paging View Controller With Customizable Menu- Adding Animation To Tabbar Items- A Lightweight Flyover Side Menu Component- Guillotine Menu Transitioning Animation- Presents A Controller With A Bubble Effect- A Camera View Controller With Image Cropping- Build A Chat Application- Make The Transition Pinterest Liked- Make A Preview Gallery Controller- Make Animated Pages By Presentation- Make The Better Animated Pages- Build Custom Walkthroughs For Your App- Build A Card Peek/Pop Controller- An Expanding Cell Inspired By Folding Paper Material- Plus, there are so many other things throughout the app that youll be bursting with new ideas Have fun discovering Who is INTERACTIVE TUTORIALS FOR iOS DEVELOPMENT for? Contact us Email:[email protected]

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  • version 1.1

Pre-K Letters and Numbers

* Ranked Top 25 Educational Games * iTunes App Store-New & Noteworthy* I was impressed by this app The #1 iPhone blog* create individual users and monitor their progress through reports useful for classroom environments or for parents who have more than one child* Genevieve Lucaccini Using it daily with children with autism. Thank you for giving us another way to reach them, and yet provide the data that districts and IEP teams require* - App of the week @CoolMomTech get kids on the right track for years ahead of learning [email protected] The app has a simple, clean design and the user interface is easy to [email protected] app is like strict school teacher and enforces the writing rules more than any other app we have [email protected] helps tots associated letters and sounds with [email protected] 4/5 stars App to watch @iViewAppsmusic for this app is great, its very soothing and playful which is good for children trying to learn [email protected] report could guide the teacher as he/she builds future [email protected] 4.5/5 stars a wonderful and effective learning material for [email protected] They will have so much fun with it they wont even know they are learningBrightStartApps is an interactive learning system that teaches children Letters, Words, Numbers and Phonics in a fun and engaging way following government curriculums adopted in UK, US and Canada from pre-K to grade 5. Our apps:- Do not contain ads- Do not contain integration with social networks- Do not include links to other apps- Do not use analytics / data collection tools- Do not share any information with 3rd party groups- Do collect performance information (for registered users only)For more information, please see our website.

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  • size 144 MB
  • version 2.2.5