A powerful tool specializes in scanning and screening US stock markets and help you find your own picks with nearly 100 daily hotlists, including Technical analysis based hotlists and candle pattern based hotlists. Group all picks into sectors are super easy too The weighted average distribution chart gives you an intuitive grasp of market hot sectors. Automatic symbol completionSCAN & SCREEN Bullish or Bearish 50/200-day MA Crossover Bullish or Bearish MACD Crossover Breakaway Gap Ups or Downs Improving or Declining Chaikin Money Flow Gap Ups or Downs Island Tops / Bottoms Strong Volume Gainers / Decliners Runaway Gap Ups / Downs Parabolic SAR Buy or Sell Signals New 52 week Highs / Lows New CCI Buy / Sell Signals Overbought Oversold Bullish Harami Morning Star Piercing Line Bullish Engulfing Three White Soldiers Evening Star Dark Cloud Cover Three Black Crows Bearish Engulfing Bearish Harami Rising Three Methods Falling Three Methods AND MANY MOREYou can communicate with us through the in-app message system or to [email protected](Ads may display in the app; upgrade may be needed to use all features.)

Stock Market Hotlist Pro: stocks & options scanner alternatives

Candlestick Charting

This App, Candlestick Charting integrated with Technical Analysis, gives you the tools you need to help you become a successful trader. It provides the following benefits to help you in your trading plan:* Candlestick Patterns - Detects more than 70 of the most widely recognizable candlestick patterns providing key patterns for trend reversals. You assume all risk associated with using the data provided herein and in no way can the developer of this App assume any liability.

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STOCK TRADING IDEAS: Technical Analysis

STOCK TRADER: Realtime Trading Signals

#1 App for Day & Swing TradersStock Trader provides real-time trading signals for selected S&P500 stocks based on a complex mathematical model.FEATURES Real-time trading signals - Streaming real-time quotes- Real-time P/L calculation- Real-time charts with customizable technical indicators - Auto drawn Fibonacci Retracement lines - Fibonacci indicator - Macroeconomic news- Market direction forecast- Futures and market indices- Watchlist that auto syncs with other devices- Discussion pages- Price alerts Free daily access with limited duration (can be extended via in-app purchase) HOW DOES IT WORK?Volatility of a stock is composed of firm-specific risk, plus market risk. In equity markets, the market risk or the systematic risk dominates short term trading patterns of most equities. However, investors with much longer holding periods (up to 2-3 months) and even day-traders following intraday swings and/or momentum can easily use Stock Trader to discover profitable ideas.

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DAILY STOCKS: Stock Market Scans & Analysis

The Most Advanced Stock Analysis App Ever Built First month is on us (You wont get auto charged after your access to Pro features expires)Daily Stocks Pro is an advanced stock analysis tool that filters the entire stock market and identifies those stocks showing the greatest potential for profit. Daily Stocks Pro can help you capture the big moves in the market.APP SECTIONS STOCK SCANS: Lists stocks that meet popular technical conditions.- JAPANESE CANDLESTICKS: Lists the most important candlestick patterns.- REVERSALS: Lists potential stock reversals.FEATURESREAL-TIME SCANS- Scans the entire stock market in Real-Time- Provides Fibonacci indicator in Real-TimeSTREAMING REAL-TIME CHARTS- 48 technical indicators with customizable parameters- Intraday (3, 5, 15, 30 and 60 min), daily, weekly and monthly time-frames- Full page view with swipe feature- Auto drawn Fibonacci LinesSTREAMING REAL-TIME QUOTES- Streaming quotes for all US stocks- Fast downloads- Price alertsWATCHLIST- Signals for the stocks that you follow- Synced with your other missinSTEP apps and devices- Unlimited number of stocks- Unlimited number of watchlists- Price and volume filtersDISCUSSION PAGE- Collaborate with like-minded traders and make better decisions- Discover what stocks everyone is talking aboutSTOCK SPECIFIC PAGES- Live coverage of stock news from trusted sources- Financial highlights and key ratiosMARKET PULSE- Our popular market direction forecast- Futures and market indices- Market momentum indicators- Live coverage of market news from trusted sources

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MOMO Stock Discovery & Alerts

Note: Please dont download MOMO if our 5 min. per day trial or $10.99/mo. Questions & Support: http://www.mometic.com/#contactPrivacy & Terms: http://mometic.com/Privacy.html

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