Crafting and building and fishing Start exploration lite of a blocky seas Get the biggest catch Become a fishing champion of square world Fishing games Craft new rods and gear Lets fish now Craft the best fishing hook using materials found in sandbox blocky world, drive a car (jeep 4x4), explore and discover new fishing areas Open world games Its an extreme sport fishing game simulator in a world build with blocks Avoid the crocodile attack or angry shark while casting a fishing rod Minicraft for sport fishing enthusiasts Love building, constructing and have a hobby called fishing? Then start the game Catch the best fish (marlin, shark, goldfish, catfish, salmon etc.) Craft new fishing rods Upcoming features:Multiplayer (multicraft)New fishesGirls craft fishing modeStory mode (goldfish wish)Realistic fishing duel

Square Fishing: Biggest Catch alternatives

Tiny Pet Craft: Building & Making Friends

Free exploration lite game for girls Have your own virtual pet Cute kitten, dog, panda or even a DRAGON All cute tiny pets are waiting to be your friends Craft & build a cute cube house for your square pixel animals, feed them and love them Provide food and love Rescue a pet if its in trouble Your virtual pets are so sweet Cat - the walking pet, Tiny Princess Panda, Tom - the talking puppy dog, even a Dragon or Dino can be your pet friend This lite, pocket edition game for girls, inspired by free crafting games for top girls and boys lets you create a world, build with blocks, craft and make friends with animals An infinite sandbox world All for free Mine,craft & create Lite Exploration put to another level. Build a pet shop or nail salon and be a top girl Make your own story with animal friends Unicorn and Pony Your own little girls paradise Rainbows everywhere Even a Nyan Cat can be your pet Make your own pet story Start an adventure with your new animal friends Say Hello to Kitty Hug a fluffy dog Design pink interior, build and design a kitchen - start cooking and baking Take care of your friends - animals Building a whole city with a SPA salon, Nail Salon, Pet Shop, Make-up & Beauty salon or a sweet shop with candies in this game for girls wont be hard anymore Cute animals all around you Puppies, kittens - all for you A serious pocket game for serious girls who love to be adorable princesses Build your own shopping mall and take part in a fashion show now Feel like a Cinderella No barbi for little girls - no pony or other stuff for little girls This game is for a serious top girl Wear high heels shoes and explore randomly generated sweet cube worlds, build and create amazing & perfect structures from the simplest of homes to the grandest of tasty sweet cube fortresses and castles made out of glitter and shiny materials Create your pink sweet kingdom Use pink - fabulous blocks to build beautiful pink and colorful sweet structures. See our other games for girls Make friends with tiny cute pets Explore the infinite cute world Build houses for your new friends

  • rating 4.33333
  • size 153 MB

Playground Craft: Design, build & play!

Playground craft - plan, design, and create a playground for kids Crafting and building game for boys and girls Place slide, water slide, swing, teeter carousel or a tree house Boys & Girls craft Use blocks to build anything From the Spa Salon to Glam Doll House Sim craft - the new edition. Playground craft - Crafting games for people bored with Virtual city building or bridge constructor simulator Exploration lite of the cube world. Features:Use blocks to build Design playground for kidsUse playground elements (you can use swing and slides )Chat with other peopleMount animals and ride them (horse craft)Crafting - Pocket edition - crafting and building Exploration of the sandbox worldComing soon:MultiplayerCrafting itemsSurvival modeDay & nightCube CraftingStory mode (with dragons and bosses )WeatherMoving carsStats and inventoryDifferent worlds (hell, heaven, lair)

  • rating 4.6087
  • size 142 MB

Metro & Subway Craft: Build & Ride

Train Craft: Build & Ride

Pirate Craft Caribbean Treasure Island Exploration

Feel like a square head pirate Caribbean treasure islands need to be explored Build your own cube pirate ship, be a captain and fight your way to the treasure Mine,craft & build the Pirates den Use blocks while building your fortress Free survival crafting game based in cube world with pirates, ships, gold treasures Sail to the Worlds end Hide the treasure at Dead Mans Island Exploration of the Caribbean Islands with pirate ship Prepare for sea battle Build,craft & find the hidden treasure Island survival simulator in pirates times Swim, hunt and explore Sail and discover unexplored lands Hide the treasure, create a treasure map. The only limit is your creativity and imagination Crafting game taken to another level Play one of the best free roblox pirate games for teenage boys & girls Create a Pirate Adventure No dungeons and dragons Just you, a treasure island and a pirate ship This lite pocket mine block craft game for boys and girls, inspired by the popular cube & voxel based pocket edition creative games, lets you craft & build your caribbean pirate world Survive on the lost pirate island made of pixels and cubes. Build using blocks

  • rating 4.0
  • size 129 MB