Sporttagger PLUS takes your player stats and match analysis to the next level. Designed to help coaches, statisticians, performance analysis personell on match day, Sporttagger PLUS not only provides a customizable stats interface for real-time stats tracking but also a fully functional tactics board. Track your Players Record stats for a single player, an entire team, or both teams Easy to compare players on screen using unique color coded interface Data saved in spreadsheet format for later analysisDraw Feature Quick and easy draw feature Draw over the game snapshot Save and send sketchThe app also includes fan engagement functionality where you can share your match analysis, scores etc on social media.

Sporttagger PLUS alternatives

myDartfish Note

MyDartfish Note is how todays coaches describe the performance-defining events of a game as it unfoldsready to produce a valuable online video resource as soon as it ends. Players learn and improve through video review but often lack the time or interest to watch the entire match. We are proud to serve teams, federations and gold medallists from all round the world.

  • size 79.7 MB