Due to the DRM protection in iTunes Music tracks, it is not possible to use iTunes Music within SplyceFeel the power of music with Splyce & Pulselocker Over 40 human curated music charts for the best music player with auto-mix on the App Store For a mind blowing experience with your iPhones music, just select your favorite songs, order them (well help you with BPMs and visual clues) and click play Its really that simple But Splyce has a lot more to offer: it will mix (for real) your music, you can select the mix mode and the mixing time, and turn on light and visual effects that will allow you to throw the best parties in town. Its like having your own DJ always with you Take the most out of Splyce with the Splycelists: save your playlists and mixing settings and enhance your playlists. Visit us:www.twitter.com/splyceappwww.facebook.com/splyceappwww.instagram.com/splyceapp


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Splyce - fancy music player with automix. Pulselocker Edition!
Quick Mix - a simple music player like DJ
Pocket DJ Music Remixer
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Splyce Premium - music player & dj mixer alternatives

Denon Audio

Denon Audio AppDenonMusic Maniac( )iPod1000 EQiPod1,00010 iPodDenonMusic ManiacTuneIn6200TuneInAirPlayFacebookTwitterE-mailDenon Audio appiOS5iPhone 3GSiTouch iPadDRMiTune MatchWiFi

  • rating 3.18584


PolyFauna is an experimental collaboration between Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich, Stanley Donwood & Universal Everything. Your screen is the window into an evolving world. Credits:Thom Yorke - radiohead.comNigel Godrich - twitter.com/nigelgodStanley Donwood - slowlydownward.comUniversal Everything - universaleverything.comReleased by Ticker Tape Ltd.

  • rating 4.25

Wall Of Music

40003- - - Apple Music Mac PC - - - iTunes Store - - - iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus 3D Touch - iPad Slide Over Split View- iPhone iPad - - Airplay WIFI Apple TV - * * * Apple Watch iOS 9.0 iOS 9.3 Apple Music 10 6 Musixmatch Musixmatch srl 8922584

n7player Music Player

n7player - . 10 . : - - (, ) - - 10 , - - - / - / / / / - iTunes , - , - - - - OS 7 .

Listen: The Gesture Music Player

A music player you can use without looking at it. Works seamlessly with Apple Music, iPad compatible. Privacy policy: http://macpaw.com/policyTerms of use: http://macpaw.com/eula

  • size 55.1 MB

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Splyce - fancy music player with automix. Pulselocker Edition!

Due to the DRM protection in iTunes Music tracks, it is not possible to use iTunes Music within SplyceSplyce aims to help you experience the magic of an actual DJ, or at least get the closer an app can get you to feel the power of music at its best. Mixing has never been so easy Even if you are not keen on DJing, Splyce will allow you to mix your music with no effort. Visit us:www.twitter.com/splyceappwww.facebook.com/splyceappwww.instagram.com/splyceapp


DJ is a cool music mixing tool for your phone. With direct iPod library access and AirPlay support You can compile and edit playlists, mix mp3s in realtime, both fully automatic, and manually. Last night the DJ saved my life, yeah.

  • size 22.7 MB
  • version 1.1

Quick Mix - a simple music player like DJ

Quick Mix is a great music player that enable auto mix with cross fading Its very useful for all of users who loves music You will rediscover your favorite music that have been buried in your own iPhone/iPod music library.# Main Feature Listings* Play music like a DJ with auto mix from your iPhone/iPod music library. * Finger gesture(tap, swipe) operation support. * Built-in over 17 background skins.# NoticeThis app is not support playing DRM protected tracks due to the specification of iOS Application development.

  • size 57.6 MB
  • version 1.1.0

Pocket DJ Music Remixer

Enhance your audio experience with Pocket DJ Music Remixer Pro The Pocket DJ Music Remixer Pro allows you to easily create seamless, synchronized playlists using your iPod music library on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. With its user-friendly and innovative mixing features, Pocket DJ Music Remixer Pro offers a unique experience for beginners and professionals alike. * Fully optimized for iOS multitasking and background operation.

  • size 5.0 MB
  • version 1.0

SparkDJ - Your Personal DJ

Spark DJ is a music streaming service that combines DJ curation, seamless song transitions, and requests from your partygoers. Select your favorite genres, invite friends, and let the party begin KEY FEATURES Host or join a party Invite party guests Seamless transitions Request songs Influence music by votingTOP BENEFITS DJ experience at every party Removes hassle of building playlists Intelligent mixing creates your party vibeElevated music. DJ inspired.

  • size 82.6 MB
  • version 2.4.1

Odio - Advanced Music Player

Odio is a music player with a beautiful interface and advanced audio features. With Odio, you can easily control your music with gestures, whatever your are doing. Note : Due to audio analysis features, Odio can not access tracks with DRM protection or which are stored in iCloud with iTunes Match.


Beauty, simplicity, and power combined into the music app weve all been hoping for. Listen to all your favorite songs UpBeat integrates Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes into the ultimate music experience. DJs:- Play songs from Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes- Create playlists with all your favorite tracks- Share your party with the crowdGuests:- Join nearby parties- Vote on your favorite tracks - Add songs from Spotify or SoundCloud to the playlist- Sync up with the DJ and play music in unison

  • size 14.8 MB
  • version 3.8

DJ Mixer - Party Music

Powerful TURNTABLES for mixing your tracks from iTunes library. BEAT PADS for mixes additionEQUALIZER AND FX for track masteringRecipe for a successful party:1) Take some tracks from your iTunes Library. Become a real party-chef and feed everyone with best and hot mixes with DJ Mixer - Party Music

  • size 97.7 MB
  • version 3.1.4

Infinite Music - Rediscover your media library

With Infinite Music your playlists become interactive and you will REDISCOVER YOUR iTUNES LIBRARY with smart remixing and mashups. grub your music to see its structure at a glance and to extract audio sequences that flow together:- Play your Playlists as a single song by automatically jumping to a following song at points in which they are dynamically similar- Play your music by automatically linking audio sequences can be surprising, unbelievable and even funny- Compose a customized listening experience by selecting audio sequences to link- Play your music as usual and select audio locations to jump to on the beatAdditional features:- Change playlists automatically with activity detection (resting, walking, running, cycling and driving)- Automatically match your music to your running or walking rhythm- Synchronize lighting of your Philips HUE lamps to the rhythm of your musicInfinite Music plays ALL music without DRM protection stored in your library, so share your best grubs Be open, creative, passionate. Possible uses : see our website www.grubbeats.comPROBLEMS OR FEED-BACKThe more feedback you send us, the better next versions will be Send us an email at [email protected] us on facebook : www.facebook.com/grubBeats/Tutorial Music (c) Yota by L&J ProductionsAlbums covers for illustrations (c) L&J Productions and Monopsone

  • size 21.0 MB
  • version 1.1

Pepsi MTV Indies

Pepsi MTV Indies is simply the best app to discover Indian indie music, bands, artists & culture Tune into our broadcast of select indie music and enjoy playlists curated for your taste, mood and activity. If you cant get enough, watch featured music videos and exclusive content, stay up to date on gigs and events with our gig guide and catch up on all thats happening in the indie circuit with news, editorials, interviews & more. With Pepsi MTV Indies you can: - Stream Indie radio - Enjoy playlists curated for moods and activities - Create and Share your own Playlists- Watch music videos - Get schedules of indie gigs and events - Get news updates, stories, interviews, reviews, and more on music, bands and artists

  • size 19.3 MB
  • version 5.0