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Hairy Phonics 1

If you enjoyed the award winning Hairy Letters youll love Hairy Phonics. After learning the alphabet the next step is the introduction of consonant digraphs -where two consonants join together and make one sound.- Learn 9 phonemes (sounds): sh, ch, th, ck, ff, ll, ss, zz, ng- Guides your child through a structured sequence of learning.- Phonic animations link an action with the sound.- Trace the letters with your finger.- Play games to blend the phonemes into a whole word.- Save all the Hairies and see them dance. Nessy apps have no advertisements or in-app purchasing.

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SnapType helps students keep up with their peers in class even when their penmanship holds them back. Students can easily complete school worksheets with the help of an iPad or iPhone. Thank you again, I truly appreciate it

  • rating 4.4
  • size 33.8 MB

Easy Spelling Aid + Translator & Dyslexia Support

OG Card Deck

Developed for Mayerson Academys accredited Orton-Gillingham training programs now offered online, this simple and effective Orton-Gillingham electronic card deck enhances understanding of over 80 common grapheme-phoneme correspondences that form the building blocks for reading and spelling. Each grapheme* card offers the multisensory experience of hearing the corresponding phoneme and key word, watching a video clip showing articulation of the phoneme, and the opportunity to practice the phoneme with a voice recording/playback option. *grapheme = a single letter or string of letters that represents a specific phoneme (sound)

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Dyslexia Quest

Climb the mountain and play the yeti games. Each game will test memory and learning skills. Age ranges:5-7 years8-10 years11-16 years17+ years

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  • size 156 MB