SpeakBeat Metronome: the only one that counts A fully customizable voice metronome, supporting multiple time signatures, sub-beats, a variety of available voices and more, all for free In-app purchases give access to even more high-quality voices, including funny voices and different languages, as well as our unique fully-customizable mixed-meter counting system. Apps4 iDevices says:SpeakBeat is very well done A Super App WHO IS IT FOR- Music Teachers- Music Students- Dancers & Dance Instructors- Cheerleaders & Cheer Coaches/Choreographers- Piano Players- Guitar Players- Drummers- Anyone who need to keep time There are plenty of metronomes on the app store, and for replacing a traditional metronome, these are fine - clicking and ticking away at the edge of your attention. SpeakBeat Metronome allows you to choose one of a set of studio-recorded high quality voices; choose any tempo using a dial or by tapping out a beats-per-minute; set a time signature, sub-beats, starting delay, and a fully-customizable count-in, either counting up (five-six-seven-eight) or down (three-two-one).

SpeakBeat Metronome - The only one that counts! alternatives

Voice Metronome

Voice Metronom is the free version of Voice Metronome - Multi-Lingual EditionAlthough there are many metronome apps in the Apps Store, but this one is quite unique, because this apps use a human voice to count the beat. There are total 17 spoken voices in 11 languages to chose from, including languages: English - both American and British, French, Italian, German, Chinese - Mandarin and Cantonese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean. There are separate volume controls for the first beat and other beats.

  • size 17.3 MB

Super Metronome Groove Box Lite - Free Drum Machine

The best metronome for iPhone, is also an intuitive and powerful groove box / drum machine with high definition sounds. Free version. - Lets Rock* Long press on Play button to deactivate flashing light.

  • rating 4.84211
  • size 30.2 MB

Iona Voice Metronome

ONE-two-three-four Find your happy rhythm with real voices.- Natural and pleasant human voices- Simple and easy controls- Optimized for all screen sizesIona Voice Metronome offers the most real lesson-like environment for those who have just started a music lesson. Unlike traditional metronomes that only play beeps for beats, Iona Voice Metronome plays numeric counts with real human voices, a choice of mans or womans, which simulates how an instructor does in actual lessons. You may find the app suitable especially for practicing wind instruments such as saxophone.

  • size 2.7 MB


BeatSpeak - the talking metronome. More than just a metronome, BeatSpeak not only keeps the beat but counts the beat for you BeatSpeak is so easy to use - all the controls are just a finger-tap away. It is helpful to have a loudspeaker connected if you have to listen to music in parallel.- M.Overl.

  • size 45.5 MB