Time, calendar, movement of the heavenly body, place, azimuth is closely related each other. This app has such a function related time and place as phases of the moon, rotation and revolution of the earth, latitude and longitude, compass, measure level of your iPhone itself, to say nothing of time and date. [Bottom of the screen]latitude (-180 to +180, +:east, -:west)longitude (-90 to +90, +:north, -:south)compass (to the north)level (axis X, axis Y of the iPhone)Touch the screen, and you can change the background to 4 color types: Space, Midnight, Twilight, and Skyblue.

Space & Time alternatives

Quick Arabic Keyboard

. QAK 1.23 . Try this keyboard and you will not be able to work without it.

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  • size 12.9 MB


Simple Scientific Calculator adhering to the style of the early 1980s. Easy to use and familiar for those of us from that era. Press and hold the blue [MODE] (HELP) button for web-based help.

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  • size 8.2 MB

Secure Files

Secure Files can hide and protect all types of private data without locking your device Easily secure private photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, passwords, PIN codes, IDs and credit cards. Privately browse the web, download photos and videos. STAY CONNECTED Website : http://www.idevmobile.com Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/idevmobile Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/idevmobile

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