Its time to try something new in the world of music - draw your own melody with Sound Sketch - Drawing Musical Instrument - 7 strings with different sounding;- 3 presets: melody, bass, beat;- volume adjustment;- 9 sounds to choose from;- mic to record your own sample;- various backgrounds and strings colors;- option to save your track;- playlist with your records. Apply bass or beat on your melody, add some samples which you can record by yourself, try different sounds Use your finger, change settings and style, enjoy bright colors and high-quality sounding with Sound Sketch - Drawing Musical Instrument


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Sound Sketch - Drawing Musical Instrument alternatives

Dubstep 12 Pads - Make beats

Create beats for your next dubstep production or just have fun with your friends. Compose and record perfect dubstep tracks with your fingers with newest 12 Pads app. Become the most popular dubstep producer Follow us Instagram:

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Brushes Redux

Brushes Redux is a painting app designed exclusively for iOS. Rewritten from the ground up, Brushes Redux is universal the same version runs on both your iPhone and your iPad. Adjustable color opacity Invert color and desaturate Flip and arbitrarily transform layers Adjustable color balance (iPad only) Adjustable hue, saturation and brightness (iPad only)Layers: Create up to 10 layers Lock and hide layers Lock layer transparency Adjust layer opacity Duplicate, rearrange, and merge layers Change blending modes: normal, multiply, screen, excludeImport and Export: Integrated with Dropbox Import native Brushes 3 files, JPEG, and PNG files Export as native Brushes 3 files, JPEG, PNG, and Photoshop files (with layers) Place images from your photo album into paintings Copy paintings to the pasteboardGestures: Zoom with two finger pinch Zoom in with two finger double tap Zoom to fit with two finger double tap Toggle interface visibility with a single tap (this can be changed to a two finger tap in the app settings) Tap and hold to access eyedropper toolScreenshot credit: Portrait of Ally by John Bavaro (

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Music Pad - dj player,remix electronic music&beat

FREE FOR LAST DAYGet It Now Now,you can record the music you make Save and share the audio with friends -Background playing added Simply make beats and music by tapping colorful pads,even though beginners about music theory can create something sounds like a popular EDM product with their own hands. In addition, we provide many melodies,which makes this app full of strong playability and endless possibility. Features: *With different types of high-quality samples*Make your own music tracks, train your finger drumming skills *Mix many sounds and melodies in real timeCome and become a music maker Contact us:[email protected]

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DJ Mix Pad

Want to be a disc jockey? Now its real. Enjoy creating music.- Low-pass filter- Stutter effects- Great pack of samples- Lots of fun

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Synth Station Keyboard

PROFESSIONAL SYNTHESIZER - multiple musical instruments in one keyboardVARIOUS SOUND EFFECTS - FX, pitch and mod settingSAMPLES & LOOPS - dozens of sounds for electro music creationHow to use: Choose one of presets and loops for lead or bass part. Start composing your electronic track using hot keys (with the help of keyboard tutorial). Synth Station Keyboard features:- Professionall virtual synthesizer studio- Variety of presets and loops- Easy record of your tracks- Unique sound effects and filters- Smart visualizationCreative music instrument in your hand - Synth Station Keyboard

  • size 268 MB
  • version 3.1.5

Drum And Bass Machine

THE BEST DNB BEATS - Compose a full trackMIC RECORD - Record your voice or soundsEQUALIZER - Master and adjust your mixs soundingPRODUCE A SAMPLE - just tap on the music padUPLOAD FAVORITE SAMPLES - get it from your device libraryRECORD VOICE AND SOUND - use a voice recording functionUSE VISUALIZER - see all beats on the top of the screenADJUST SOUNDING - set volume and pitchLets make the best DnB beat with the Drum And Bass Machine

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Ambiance by MusicalMe

Need to relax? Meditate? Full Feature List:- 60 user sounds- 5 sound types: (Melody, Soundscape, Strums, Chords, Bass Notes)- Adjust overall main volume- Adjust volume for each of your individual sound choices- Clock mode with different photo choices and dimmer- Sleep Timer that fades music for the last 30 seconds- Six user presets and unlimited nameable custom presets- a 10 band graphical EQ for precise sound optimization- AirPlay enabled- Social network / share with friends- User tutorial (info)- Play/pause button- Clear all sound choicesWith Ambiance by MusicalMe you can create your own musical soundscape that is entirely unique to you.

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  • version 1.2

DJ Soundboard - Dubstep Mix

PROFESSIONAL MUSIC STUDIO Sound adjustment, effects and filters to achieve perfect sounding. SAMPLE LIBRARY Plenty of samples of various instruments to create the best track. Create interesting sound combinations and become real DJ with this amazing dubstep maker app FEATURES- Professional musical studio for all dubstep fans - Many samples from different instruments- Volume, pitch and pan controls, filter and reverb to achieve perfect soundingDownload DJ Soundboard - Dubstep Mix now and start to create your own DJ mix Show your music talent and cool dubstep mix DJ Soundboard - Dubstep Mix is a great application for your party

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SimpliMET - Accurate Digital Metronome with Acoustic Sounds and Pendulum Display

SimpliMET metronome is precise and simple. Created for the practising musician and students we use an accurate sample-based precision metronome engine and carefully select preset sounds to suit your practise sessions and musical styles. All sound and sub beat presets are entirely open to use and FREE FeaturesFeatured sounds: Acoustic (mechanical) metronome Click & Bell, Drum Kick, Snare, Stick & Hi-hat-Display: Digital metronome view & Classic pendulum display-Sounds: Easily configure your 1st beat (down beat), beats and sub beats from a variety of sound samples from clicks to drum samples-Sub beats: 14 sub beat presets which include duplets, triplets, quadruplets, sextuplets and octuplets-Time signature: 1-16 beats per bar-BPM (Beats per Minute): 1-300 BPMOther featuresTap in tempo function-Runs in backgroundPrecisionSimpliMET metronome uses a sample-based precision/accuracy metronome engine.

  • size 9.2 MB
  • version 1.02

Melody Star

THE GALAXYS AWESOMEST MUSIC APP The most fun and easy way to be musical Create hundreds of unique grooves instantly With piano, bass, drums, guitar, and synth Drag an instrument onto Melody Star Drop it there to hear a musical pattern Drag it to other points and hear other patterns Add the other instruments to Melody Star Each one makes 5 different sounds Each sound syncs to all the other sounds Recombine them endlessly Save your song to iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail EXPRESS YOUR OWN MUSICAL TALENT WITH M E L O D Y S T A R Freemium features include: 25 musical patterns, 5 per instrument drop-down instruction screen favorites page volume adjustment sliders for each instrument refresh button to return instruments to dock selection of 3 wallpapers selection of 3 star imagesUpgrades ($.99 each): 5 additional piano sounds 5 additional bass sounds 5 additional drum sounds 5 additional guitar sounds 5 additional synth sounds remove ads permanently

  • size 97.8 MB
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Organ HD

ORGAN HDExperience Organ HD, this unique App is sampled with high definition audio technology, from the best and most popular organs used in the history of music. And its free Organ HD is an accurate and professional instrument with samples layered according to note velocity making this amazing instrument for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad an inspiration anytime and anywhere with its realistic sounds. Record, export and share your own musicFeatures: - 7 Free Organ HD Sound Presets- Record- Play- Share- Delay- Reverb- MIDI Controller- Inter-App Audio ( IAA )In APP Purchase :- Remove FULL Screen Ads ( ONLY ) and unlock File Manager- Remove ALL Ads and unlock File Manager- Organ HD Sound Preset Bundles

  • size 28.8 MB
  • version 1.6

Dj Drum Pad Machine

Create grooves and music in different styles. Use a unique library of samples and presets designed by professionals. Make and record your music in real time and share tracks to your friends Presets are available in different music styles:- Dubstep- Drum & Bass- Trap- House- Hip-Hop- EDM- Electro- Technoand etc.

  • size 18.4 MB
  • version 1.0

Beat Maker - dj mixer with super pads

Do you want to make your own music, do you want to have DJ mix music anytime, anywhere? Then you will love the Beat maker. With it,you can wake up your bodys music cells,music inspiration will continue to burst Special feature- each pad is a different tone, cooperate with different melody to create music;- each track provides a rich samples, Customize the rhythm of the interface - real-time mix with a lot of tone and melody, free to add;- observe the trajectory of each temperament;- including drum, Bass, percussion, melody, vocals, and FX loop sound;- support recording and sharing of music created;

  • size 66.4 MB
  • version 1.1

Auto Sampler

Sample your voice, musical instruments, and ambient sound. Create a multi-timbral synth by combining samples from different instruments. Compatible with our OASIS app for creating samples from your iTunes library.

  • size 7.4 MB
  • version 3.3