Sound Looper for Musicians - Metronome, Pitch ideal for musicians for practice, transcription, learning songs by ear. You can record base of song or import music from iTunes Music Library or mail attachment MP3 music and practice improvisation or singing. FEATURES INCLUDE: music record with metronome set metronome beats per measure (2-16) import music from iTunes Music Library import MP3 music from mail attachment set playing range with high precision set playing speed with high precision music range always on repeat for practice flexible looping feature change pitch and transpose / transcript your sound records and imported musics + / - 24 semitones automatic sound naming and autosave export sound records full length or selected range to mp3 transpose / transcript music & export to mp3 organize your music, create groups iCloud backup and restore landscape mode on iPad zoomable waveform virtual pianoWith Sound Looper for Musicians - Metronome, Pitch you get all of this in an incredibly responsive and easy-to-use app.

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Samvada creates sympathetic strings that resonate when you sing or play into the microphone. Ideal for practising and performing Indian music. Samvada could not have been made without the generous help of:Ustad Wajahat Khan wajahatkhan.comOli Larkin Roth Chandola Upasani upasani.orgDavid Ronan Grindley McGrail kleber.netPeter Davidson uses the following libraries:libpd Library version of Pure Data by Miller Puckettepd-for-ios iOS wrapper for libpdActionSheetPicker for UI elements Copyright (c) 2011, Tim CinelJSONKit for presets Copyright (c) 2011, John Engelhart

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