Solar Walk Lite is a great astronomy application that turns your device into an interactive planetarium. This fantastic 3D model of our solar system allows you to take a trip to outer space and explore the immense scale of the Universe we live in. Solar Walk Lite:- pocket planetarium- 3D model of our solar system- interactive space encyclopedia- exciting way to learn the solar system for kids and adults- virtual flights through the universe- fantastic view of our galaxy is the Milky WayInstall this amazing astronomy app right now and get a little closer to our wonderful Universe

Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium 3D: Planets, Satelli alternatives

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ISS Finder

ISS Finder helps you to see the International Space Station (ISS) in the night sky. ISS Finder shows you the upcoming visible passes with details like the altitude and direction, and lets you decide which ones to get alerts for. With ISS Finder you can:- See where the ISS is right now- Get notifications when the ISS is overhead- Have ISS Finder automatically set alarms for passes near you - Spot the ISS in the night sky- Watch a live video feed from the ISS while hearing the astronauts talk to mission control- Learn about who is on the ISS right now- See the upcoming crew schedule

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