SnippetKeys is a keyboard extension designed to save your time. It expands iPhone or iPad keyboard with custom text snippets. It means everything you type is secured by iOS as well.

SnippetKeys alternatives

Paste Keyboard - Easy Faster Copy&Paste Keyboard

Sometimes we have to write long messages, emails, remember addresses, and create other large portions of text. Now you can use Paste Keyboard to quickly access stored notes and information to communicate faster Enjoy

  • rating 4.0
  • size 11.8 MB

Phraseboard Keyboard

Create your most common phrases and sort them by categories. Simply tap a button to send off a quick reply. We never save or log any of your keystrokes).

  • size 21.5 MB

WordBoard - Snippets Keyboard

Hate typing the same thing over and over, one key at a time? Personalize and pre-program your keyboard with WordBoard. We only use this to allow data to be shared between the app and the keyboard, we do not use other features full access allows such as network access.

  • rating 4.62711
  • size 26.5 MB


Save your clipboard entries for later use. Easily access them at any time. Pair with Chrome and send and receive data clips directly from and to your browser - Email templates- Text message templates- Email addresses- Any other bits and pieces you may use often - Recognises phone numbers and allow direct calling with long press - Recognise and open links directly again with long-press - Allow editing and saving of items - Automatically open a dialog when a new phone number or URL received from browser Use the search to filter down and find the entry you need.

  • rating 4.31034
  • size 1.2 MB