Snake Adventure Tours offers you endless adventures with many different animals. What is he? - Cool music and sounds- Lots of stages and special hatchery- Bright and colorful graphics- Addicting gameplay

Snake Adventure Tours alternatives

Kitchen Food Court Craze (NEW)

Kitchen Food Court Craze: Cooking Simulation is a new free cooking games for kids and girls which adore cooking, serving and managing their own restaurants. If you are ready to take on the kitchen madness, Kitchen Food Court Craze: Cooking Simulation will serve you the perfect food court challenge, tailored for super chefs like you who love to cook Chinese, Mexican and Sushi recipes Chef Mario will guide you to cook a variety of cuisines: from Fast Food to an Oriental Restaurant, bakery cake shop, Italian pizzeria, sushi palace, Mexican burrito stall and Indian Taj Mahal cooking adventure. Youll love the pizza maker games too - Multiple challenges, puzzles of different levels and hamburgers to serve the customers with - Addicting restaurant time management game and hamburger to go - The fever cooking is strong, so try to collaborate with your apprentices like a real star cooking chefs - Play multiple challenging levels and serve the dinner in the dish or on the plates of your customers - You can bake tasty foods like ramen or sushi or hot dog and pizza & extra bonus of steak - Endless cooking fun and kitchen scramble; become a Super star burger master & sushi chef- Fast-paced, super chefs time management burger shop & sushi maker game- Get into super chef mode Enjoy the cooking & time management challenges that come thick and fast in this new restaurant management game.- After playing the game, you will be the best star chef in town & you will do mama cooking - Ever wanted to play donut games or burger games or serve street food?

  • rating 4.2
  • size 95.7 MB

Fishy Bits 2

Welcome back to the world of Bits with Fishy Bits 2 Brought to you by the creators of Fishy Bits and Monkey Ropes Explore the depths of the ocean and eat your way to the top of the food chain Collect coins, hatch eggs, and upgrade your fish tank in this all new Bit sized adventure - 40+ Fishy Bits to Collect - Upgrade Your Fish Tank and Feed Your Fish to Evolve Them - 360+ Unique Fishy Bit Evolutions - Super Hard - Swim Into The Dark Depths of the Ocean - Avoid Bigger Fish - Supports 13 Languages PLEASE NOTE:Fishy Bits 2 is completely free to play. However, some items can be purchased for real money. Let us know what you would love to see in our next update at :

  • rating 4.32068

Jurassic Escape: Dino Sim 2017

What was that noise? The herd is starting to move There are dinosaurs running in every direction: Its a stampede Choose your favorite dinosaur and travel with the group. GAME HIGHLIGHTS:- Daily Rewards- 7 Unlockable Dinosaurs- Unlockable Game Modes- Custom Difficulty- Custom Weather

  • rating 4.35714
  • size 123 MB

Infinite Temple

While exploring an ancient site, you have triggered a trap system inside a temple. Use your quick-thinking ability and expert controls to avoid skeletons and traps and collect various artifacts. Various types of treasure-hunting adventurers are waiting for you Join them and uncover the secrets of ancient shrines - 4-button control system - Retro pixel graphics - Simple, but engaging arcade game

  • rating 4.5
  • size 65.5 MB

Plain Escape

Tap the sides of your screen to move left and right across the plain. Collect spheres and booster items while dodging falling blocks and crumbling tiles to survive. Thank you for playing

  • rating 3.6
  • size 64.7 MB