The SmartRow App (together with the SmartRow-conversion) will turn your WaterRower into a lab grade ergometer. It will not only show you power, distance, work-per-stroke, calories etc., it will show you each force-curve, heart rate graph and much, much more It keeps track of your workouts, and even shows you well-known fitness metrics like Watts-per-Beat and Watts-per-Kilogram. This is the best training tool you can invest inafter hiring a coach, of course


Similar Apps

Weights club
SportyCloud, Running, Cycling, Fitness, GPS/Indoor
Fit Calc: Fitness calculator to help you with full body analysis
RedZone Workout
My Beat.
TZ Pedometer
Sleeve Coach: Stay on Track After Weight-Loss Surgery

SmartRow alternatives

FitStar Yoga

Practice yoga anytime, anywhere with FitStar Yoga Weve teamed up with internationally recognized yoga expert Tara Stiles to provide the perfect experience made just for you. From beginners to expert yogis, youre always just a tap away from a completely personalized yoga session. Learn more, watch the videos, and check out accolades at Follow us @fitstar and like us on Privacy Policy can be found at Terms of Use can be found at

  • rating 4.22727


The LiveRowing App is tailored for rowing machine athletes to enable them to connect, analyze and compete while on the Concept2 Indoor Rower. This multifunctional app has something for everyone, from beginning indoor rowers, to the highly fit athlete looking for competitive and engaging workouts. Connect your Concept2 Rowing Machine into the world with the LiveRowing app.

  • size 73.4 MB

Polar Beat

Polar Beat is the ultimate free sports and fitness tracker app from the pioneer of wearable sports technology. Running, cycling, gym, walking, dancing Choose your favorite activity from 100+ sport profiles and start reaching your goals. CONNECT WITH @polarglobalNote: Continuous use of GPS can dramatically decrease your phones battery life.

  • size 84.7 MB

FITIV Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

Use FITIV Pulse on Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad to take your fitness training to the next level. The visual feedback helps you train smarter and get exceptional results. Refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term.- Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited if a PRO Membership is purchased.- To read more about our terms and conditions or our privacy policy please visit:

Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness is a running, cycling and fitness app that harnesses the awesome power of the iPhone to transform the way you ride, run and reach your training and fitness goals. Our proprietary Stride Sensor/GPS correction software provides distance and super accurate real-time pace information- great for interval workouts. Dont forget to email [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns, compliments or feature requests

More Information About alternatives


Introducing Trayner, the all-in-one fitness tracker for iOS that has finally arrived No longer will you have to download multiple apps to achieve a fulfilling gym experience. Trayner can easily teach you new exercises through GIFs and images, track your runs and biking trips, and much more Features:- Over 220 exercises with over 18 different body targets including GIFs and images to teach you how to do them- Ability to set custom rest times, reps/calories per set, and much more- Indoor / Outdoor Run Tracking- Outdoor Biking Trip Tracking- Food Logging / Planning- HealthKit: Uses your health app data to help track your calories and also show progress towards the goal you personally set- Runs/Biking Trips/Exercises/Food items all are logged into the Health app- Workout Planner / Logger- View other users workouts or view/save/edit workouts endorsed by Trayner- A core timer that will use your core exercises to ding out loud to alert you to move to the next exercise- Calendar Module to show you all exercises, workouts planned for any day- Customization options for exercises allow you to properly schedule when and where you will do them- Graph Module to show you your all around fitness progress and to alert you of new trends- Ability to set distance, calories, and steps goals, and Trayner will alert you once you hit those goals- iPod Integration- QR code scanning of food items- Frequent updates with new exercises, features, and improvements

  • size 27.5 MB
  • version 1.4

Weights club

Weights is a workout tracking app for regular gym goers. It replaces your notepad in the gym and keeps a record of your progress. Features include:- Growing database of exercises- Create templates for repeatable workouts- Track strength exercise sets using weight and rep counts- Track cardio exercises using duration, distance, heart-rate and calories- Start a rest timer and receive notifications when it ends- View your complete workout history- View a specific workout in detail- Add your own custom exercises

  • size 14.7 MB
  • version 1.1.2

SportyCloud, Running, Cycling, Fitness, GPS/Indoor

Personal trainer for outdoor and indoor sports activities. Track your performances and share them Features :- GPS tracking outdoor workouts- Specific internal workout management screen (treadmill, weights, elliptical, fitness equipment)- Report your workouts done without your smartphone- Calculate burn calories during workout- Calculate your heart rate zones and generate a graph of effort- Workout comparison- The vocal coach and motivational quotes that are offered will help you during your workouts to achieve your goals- Advanced statistics grouped by time and a fun statistical mode that will show you how the benefits of sport - Calculate and follow your ideal weight, Body Mass Index, Basal Metabolism and Recommended Daily Apport with graphics- Classify your workouts and group them according to your practice (training, competition, recovery etc)- Define workout objective (distance, duration, burned calories, distance and duration, speed)- Integration with Apple HealthCreate a free account to use SportyCloud Subscription payment will be charged to your ITunes account at confirmation purchase. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • size 69.4 MB
  • version 5.40

Fit Calc: Fitness calculator to help you with full body analysis

Note: Free version has only sample calculators, but with app purchase you can get +28 additional calculators. If you found this app, chances are you want to change your health habits and reach your ideal weight. *Fitness -Body Fat Calculator -4 Skinfold Calculator -Calorie Composition Calculator -Full Body Analysis Calculator -Body Fat (YMCA) Calculator -Body Fat (3 Skinfolds) Calculator -Body Fat (7 Skinfolds) Calculator -Lean Body Mass Calculator -Resting Heart Rate Average Calculator*Exercise -Target Heart Rate Calculator -Karvonen Target Heart Rate -Resting Heart Rate Average -Full Body Analysis Calculator -Exercise Calories -Increased Life Expectancy -Conversion Pace and Speed -Find Speed And Pace -Find Duration Calculator -Find Distance Calculator*Nutrition -Calories per Day Calculator -Advanced Resting Metabolism -Calories Absorbed By Fiber -Ideal Weight Calculator -Calories Burned Today -Simple Resting Metabolism -Lean Mass Resting Metabolism -Frame Size (Elbow) Calculator -Frame Size (Wrist) Calculator -Full Body Analysis Calculator

  • size 8.3 MB
  • version 1.1.0

RedZone Workout

RedZone workouts combine incline treadmill sequences, rowing, resistance training, kettlebells, kickboxing and much more to deliver the most efficient interval training program that harnesses the power of variety, continuous innovation, extraordinary instruction and the newest tracking technology to create intense workouts that achieve EPIC results. RedZone Athletes use our RedZone Heart Rate Tracking to chart and record their workouts, connect with other members of the RZ community and share their stats on social media and much more Real Time Results During your workout, get key analytics such as calories torched amount of time spent in each Heart Rate Zone track your distance and speed while running or cycling and much more Points and Rewards Workout, track everything, earn points for effort that turn into points for prizes Post ResultsUnderstand how many calories you torched during your workout, get a complete summary of screen of all you accomplished. Then, click and share to Facebook and Instagram

  • size 50.2 MB
  • version 1.2


RowingCoach, available also for the Apple Watch, allows you to track your rowing sessions, compare your workouts and see your overall progress whether you train on land or on water. RowingCoach displays the following metrics:-) Your current and overall stroke rate (SPM)-) The distance covered-) Your current and overall pace-) Your pulse-) Your calories burned Use the app as suits you best:-) Track your session on the iPhone-) Only use your Apple Watch to record the training (and leave your iPhone onshore )-) Use the iPhone as display for your Apple Watch recording. If you want to export your workouts via e-mail or want to record more than 3 workouts - you can get to a subscription right in the app.

  • size 32.8 MB
  • version 1.2.0


Featured in Apples TV ad Amazing Apps Your fitness dashboard for Apple Health app FitPort reads your health and fitness data from the Health app (HealthKit), and shows them in a beautiful and useful way * iPhone 5s or above RecommendedHEALTH APP INTEGRATION:FitPort shows you the following data from the Health app (HealthKit).You can input your data manually, and the data is stored securely in the Health app.iPhone App:- Steps- Walking + Running Distance- Flights Climbed (Floors)- Cycling Distance- Workouts (Read only)- Exercise Minutes (Read only)- Active Energy- Exercise Minutes (Read only)- Stand Hours (Read only) - Wheelchair Distance- Wheelchair Pushes- Swimming Distance- Swimming Strokes- Resting Calories (BMR)- NikeFuel (Read only)- Dietary Calories- Water- Weight- Body Mass Index (BMI)- Body Fat Percentage- Lean Body Mass (LBM)- Heart Rate (Read only)- Blood Pressure- Sleep Analysis- Mindful Minutes- Waist Circumference (iOS 11)- VO2 max (iOS 11)Apple Watch App:- Steps- Walking + Running Distance- Active EnergyFEATURES:iPhone App:- Displays your fitness data from Apples Health app- Hourly/daily/weekly graph- Shows previous data- Shows your stats- Sets goals and monitor your progress- Change layouts (Auto / Grid / List)- Change units- Shows Steps and Walking + Running Distance automatically (iPhone 5s and above)- Shows Flights Climbed automatically (iPhone 6 and above)Apple Watch App:- Shows Steps, Distance, and Active Energy- You can see the last 7 days of data in a graph by turning the Digital Crown.- Complications (Steps only)NOTE:FitPort does not create any data. It simply reads data from the Health app. See full privacy policy for more details.

  • size 29.8 MB
  • version 2.1.0

My Beat.

Get the most out of your workouts with a new weekly heart beat challenge How does it work?We access your heart rate data from the Health App, to compose a simple 5-bar chart that tells you how hard your heart has been working every week. To stay healthy, try to fill each bar to full each week. Swipe right to show the calendar view summarising your heart rate zones week to week, and month to month.

  • size 34.3 MB
  • version 1.062

TZ Pedometer

The Pedometer application will help you lose weight and stay healthy as it counts your steps, keep track of distance traveled, and calories burned all conveniently from your iPhone or iPod. The program allows you to:- Graphic display of pace and speed- Keep a diary of your movements- Makes graphic analysis and keep statistics of your workouts- Record your steps- Keep history- Consider the number of calories- Measure your speed- Display distance- Tips for tips with imagesWrite to us about the problem, all defects will be corrected. If you find any inconvenience or problem please contact us via email, all remarks and suggestions will be considered.

  • size 7.1 MB
  • version 1.1

Sleeve Coach: Stay on Track After Weight-Loss Surgery

Created by a weight-loss surgery patient, Sleeve Coach is the only app that keeps you on track following your bariatric surgery. Sleeve Coach takes a holistic approach to your post-surgical plan: Protein, Hydration, Exercise, Vitamins, Emotional Eating, and weight/BMI tracking. Youve invested so much already in your new life; this app will help you make it all worth it.

  • size 18.8 MB
  • version 1.1