This app makes it possible for you to manage your boiler by Bluetooth connection. During your first connection with the boiler pairing will take place - you will have to type the PIN displayed on the boiler to the app. This manual is also available for download on

Smart Boiler alternatives

Hydrawise Irrigation

Control your Hunter irrigation system(s) remotely using this app or using a web browser from anywhere in the world (note: internet access required).The app allows for - Control of multiple Hydrawise/Hunter irrigation controllers Landscape and irrigation contractor management Manually start, stop (or suspend) individual irrigation zones Configure watering schedules and zones Configure flow, rain and soil moisture sensors View watering and rainfall reports View watering schedules and history View forecast and current weather conditions Attach images to each of your irrigation zonesThis app requires a valid account at An account is free. With a Hunter HC Irrigation Controller you can - Save water by automatically adjust watering schedules based on local weather conditions Control the system from anywhere in the world using your web browser or iPhone app Water more when it is hot, water less when it is cold or has rained Get reports on watering history, rainfall and temperatures Manage multiple irrigation controllers from the one account

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TLV ToolBox

Turn your mobile device into a light & portable steam calculation tool with TLV Toolbox. Reduce trips back and forth while working onsite with this valuable tool. Helpful for design oreveryday maintenance of control valve stations, condensate recovery systems, and muchmore FEATURES:- Steam Tables (saturated and superheated)- Steam Pipe Sizing- Condensate Pipe Sizing- Heating Calculations- Cv and Kv Values- Stall Point- and moreTo access the web-version, visit: more information on steam and condensate systems, visit

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Sticky Password Manager & Safe

Sticky Password Manager & Safe is a powerful yet simple free password manager and secure digital vault for your phones as well as other desktop and mobile devices. Passwords are about trust and the cloud based solutions especially. Any notes or personal information can be stored, encrypted, safely synchronizes and stored in Secure Memos and then access on any device.

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