Finally the real Slender Man has been recreated for IOS platform Collect 8 pages and escape from the horrific Slenderman. Specially designed for touch screen devices with advanced technology and amazing content. - original environment - beautiful 3D models - genuine sounds - day mode in full version - advanced controls - creepy atmosphere

Real Slender Man Free alternatives

Slender Man Origins 2 Saga Free: Real Horror Story

Back by popular demand The most anticipated Slenderman game A new game from the authors of the award-winning Slender Man Origins. Meet Slender Man Origins 2 What makes our game so special? All the locations are filled with detail, game events are followed by various visuals - sometimes youll just want to stop for a moment and stare at your surroundings.

  • size 134 MB

Slender Rising Free

Over 10.000.000 players worldwide Called the scariest game on the AppStore and the best horror game ever, this free version will give you a taste of the terror that awaits you. After playing this you are ready for the full experience with much more features And If you are finished, check out the official sequel. Credits:

  • rating 3.95238
  • size 151 MB

Slender Rising 2 Free

The free version of Slender Rising 2 gives you a taste of what its like to be part of a unforgettable horror trip If you finish the free version, you are ready for the full experience TouchArcade: A terrific sequel. This is what players say: So much scarier than the first one I screamed Get the game its absolutely creepy, scary and fun This is it A totally worthy sequel and a must have Ive never been so scared from a horror game Improved a lot, impressed OMG sooooo fun. Credits:

  • rating 4.14286
  • size 142 MB

SlenderMan's Forest

Introducing SlenderMans ForestThe most TERRIFYING Slender Man experience on the App Store Collect all the pages to escape from the Slender Man Can you do it before the Slender Man gets you? Wed like to thank our fans for the continuous support. Looking forward to further updates.Scary Good Fun There is a 6th page I found all 6.this is a great game and I think its closest to the computer

  • rating 4.49716
  • size 320 MB

Slender Man - Chapter 1: Alone Free

Escape the urban legend, Slenderman, in this fully 3D action adventure game. How long can you survive? Depending on the interpretations of the myth, the creature can cause memory loss, insomnia, paranoia, coughing fits (nicknamed slendersickness), photograph/video distortions and can teleport at will.

  • rating 4.11392
  • size 141 MB