Do you have some problems with sleep and concentration?With Sleep Sounds & White Noise Collections, its super easy to create your very own relaxing ambience sounds. Save your mixes to favorites so they are always by hand and ready to play Sleep easily, wake-up refreshed and improve your life in every aspect. Happy sleeping

Sleep Sounds - White Noise : Summer Beach alternatives

Relaxing Sounds - Improve sleep, relax, meditate

Relaxing 2.2 million users for more than 5 years Find your inner peace with Relaxing Sounds for iPhone & iPad It is the best partner when you are reading, dancing, practicing yoga or even feeling depressed. -Best10Apps Did you ever wish for an easy way to get rid of your stress after a tiring day at work? The Relaxing Sounds app is what you need -iPhone App ReviewFEATURES Sleep Timer - Set the sounds and display to turn off automatically and save battery life Background Mode - Listen to relaxing sounds while you are using other apps Photo Mode - Hide the interface and turn your device into a beautiful photo portrait Sharing - Send the sounds you love to your friends Universal - Made for your iPhone & iPadCONTACT USIf you have any problems or questions contact us at [email protected] not forget to visit to discover more apps for your iPhone & iPad

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Sea Sounds Ocean Sounds - Beach Sound,Relax Sea

Do you need music for meditation, therapy or yoga classes? Sea Sounds Ocean Sounds is what you need Beautiful beach sounds to listen to and relax the mind. If you have any comment or suggestion please let us know so we can make this app better.

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Ocean Waves - Relaxing natural sound with sleep timer

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Sleep Expert - White Noise Sounds for Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Distracting sounds? Mix these sounds and create your personal sound atmosphere to help you fall asleep faster.Features- 60 soothing ambient sounds- Universal app runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch- Separate volume control for each soundtrack- Create customized favorites by combining ambient sounds together- Saved favorites are synchronized using iCloud- High quality Retina graphics- AirPlay support- Multitasking support: play your favorite melodies while using other applications60 Ambient SoundsBirds Piano Cat City Clock Crickets Dolphins Fire Forest Frogs Heart Monk Music box Night Rain River Space Submarine Thunder Train Cave Water Whale White noise Wind Wind Chimes Jungle Flute African night Howling wolf Sea lion City park Lakeside Shopping mall Industrial Nightingale Spring birds Crowd Oscillating fan Swamp Dripping water Owls Tropical forest Factory PC fan Vacuum cleaner Fan Pirate ship Waterfall Fridge Pneumatic drill Waves Hair dryer Rain on window High Voltage Harbor Running water Winter blizzard Highway SchoolIf you have any questions or comments please dont hesitate to contact us at any time: [email protected]

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Relaxing Sounds: Calming Nature, Ambient Melodies

Listen to relaxing melodies, sounds of nature, white noise, calming ambience and much more Designed to provide the best natural sound environment possible to help you relax. Also, useful if you have insomnia, need stress relief, have babies or kids, or are just looking for a quick nap or a peaceful night sleep. Keep your mind and body healthy FEATURES: Favorites playlist Sleep timer Repeat play Continuous play Random play Control number of times a sound playsRelieve your stress, improve sleeping quality, and help find spirituality This is one of the top soundboard apps you will use as it is highly customizable, easy to use, and has many of features, more features than other popular soundboards.

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