Heres a new twist on an old gameSingular and Plural MATCH is an interactive, educational, fun match game for school age children, adults and lifelong learners. This app would also be beneficial for English Language Learners The object of the game is to match the singular and plural form of a word. Just start playing This app has been carefully designed by an experienced educator and can be used at home or in the classroom.

Singular and Plural Match alternatives

DUO! Pairs & Brain Fitness Game

Pairs is a game that most of us have played from a very young age. Its good for child development, plus its kind of fun. FEATURES* Logic and memory improvement* 110+ unique levels* Sleek 2D graphics and animations* Relaxing game that encourages concentration* Lots of exciting bonuses* Challenge family and friends* 18 cool badges to collect* Optimized for iPhone 4 and newerLike DUO on Facebook: DUO on Twitter: SOON :We are working hard to bring you FREE new levels and updates soon

  • rating 4.0
  • size 39.9 MB

Subtraction Flash Cards Match Math Games for Kids

Multiplication Flash Cards Games Fun Math Problems

Building math skills and learning to multiply has never been more fun and intuitive With Show Me and Peek features, play comes easy even for young learners. This app adheres to Common Core Standards for third grade math and was designed by parents and teachers. Have fun - Blake, Mike & Amanda, Eggroll Games

  • size 45.7 MB

Addition Flash Cards Math Help Quiz Learning Games

Welcome to Addition Flashcard Quiz Match, a set of energetic and common core compliant math challenges designed by teachers to motivate and build confidence in kids learning addition TAKE THE FLASH CARD QUIZ Choose a number range and run a gauntlet of ten random equations Once complete, players are rewarded with a round of balloon popping fun and a handy report card presents the test results and time taken For an added challenge, set a time limit for each question TWO MEMORY MATCH GAMES Match equations to their answer in Flash Card Match Select any number range and choose Show Me mode to leave cards face up for easier play or Memory mode to keep cards face down and test your concentration An alternate match game challenges you to match two equations with the same answer CUSTOMIZE YOUR DIFFICULTY Choose the best number range for your skill level Show Me option keeps cards face up for easier play Peek button lets you sneak a peek at face down cards Set answer time limits or allow unlimited time in quiz game CULTIVATE MATH AND REASONING Match equations with the same answer Hear the numbers and equations as you touch them Positive feedback and balloon popping rewards ADDITIONAL FEATURES Items, numbers and instructions are professionally narrated Discover new card designs and layouts as you play Parental controls for sound, music, purchases and links We do not collect personal information from our usersCOMMON CORE STANDARDS: CCSS.Math. Content. Have fun - Blake, Mike & Amanda, Eggroll Games

  • size 43.6 MB

Apples & Pairs - Word Matching Game

Thanks for making Apples & Pairs theNo. 1 Educational game in New Zealand No. Ideal for kids and people learning English, it works and looks great on iPhone and iPad.

  • size 76.4 MB