SimpliMET metronome is precise and simple. Created for the practising musician and students we use an accurate sample-based precision metronome engine and carefully select preset sounds to suit your practise sessions and musical styles. All sound and sub beat presets are entirely open to use and FREE FeaturesFeatured sounds: Acoustic (mechanical) metronome Click & Bell, Drum Kick, Snare, Stick & Hi-hat-Display: Digital metronome view & Classic pendulum display-Sounds: Easily configure your 1st beat (down beat), beats and sub beats from a variety of sound samples from clicks to drum samples-Sub beats: 14 sub beat presets which include duplets, triplets, quadruplets, sextuplets and octuplets-Time signature: 1-16 beats per bar-BPM (Beats per Minute): 1-300 BPMOther featuresTap in tempo function-Runs in backgroundPrecisionSimpliMET metronome uses a sample-based precision/accuracy metronome engine.

SimpliMET - Accurate Digital Metronome with Acoustic Sounds and Pendulum Display alternatives

Metronome touch

Metronome touch. Style of pendulum. For more informations, app videos, faqs and pictures go to

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Samvada creates sympathetic strings that resonate when you sing or play into the microphone. Ideal for practising and performing Indian music. Samvada could not have been made without the generous help of:Ustad Wajahat Khan wajahatkhan.comOli Larkin Roth Chandola Upasani upasani.orgDavid Ronan Grindley McGrail kleber.netPeter Davidson uses the following libraries:libpd Library version of Pure Data by Miller Puckettepd-for-ios iOS wrapper for libpdActionSheetPicker for UI elements Copyright (c) 2011, Tim CinelJSONKit for presets Copyright (c) 2011, John Engelhart

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Super Metronome Groove Box Lite - Free Drum Machine

The best metronome for iPhone, is also an intuitive and powerful groove box / drum machine with high definition sounds. Free version. - Lets Rock* Long press on Play button to deactivate flashing light.

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