This highly engaging and interactive app helps in comprehensively understanding and applying the concepts of simple machines with the help of animation and fun-filled simulation. Learn about the following concepts: * Force and work* Types of machines* Levers* Pulleys* Wheel and axle* Inclined planes* Screw* Wedge. Check out our other great apps:Science of Light Vol-1: Basic Physics ConceptsScience of Light Vol-2: Optics - Physics ConceptsWorld of Wonders - Amazing Science FactsFor further information, please contact us at:Twitter: @LearningRabbitFacebook: [email protected]:

Simple Machines by Learning Rabbit alternatives

Weather by Tinybop

Explore the science of storms Discover the signs that tell you what its going to be like outside today. This app is truly delightful, unraveling the science behind rain and shine with gorgeous and responsive models. :)

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Move The Turtle. Programming For Kids

Geography Drive Arcade

Think you know your U.S. geography? Find out fast in the fun quiz game based of one of our best-selling games From the Flagstaff State Flag Game to the State Shape Challenge, Geography Drive Arcade includes four fun mini-games designed to help you learn the shape, spelling, flag and capital of every state in America.This just might be the ticket to get you through some long road-trip hours this holiday vacation. Awards & Recognition:Editors Favorite Appysmarts.comFamigo ApprovedKidSafe CertifiedCrafted by Spinlight, a team of talented artists and parents who share a simple goal to make games that spark a lifelong passion for learning.

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Simple Machines by Tinybop

Explore the playful side of physics Experiment with levers, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, wheel and axles, and screws. Discover the invisible forces at work. :)

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  • size 463 MB

My Incredible Body - Guide to Learn About the Human Body for Children - Educational Science App with Anatomy for Kids