Arr Ye be the mighty pirate, Silverbeard, searching for buried treasure on each of 40 islands in this unique puzzle / adventure game. Seek ye the shovel, axe, key, dynamite and other tools ye need to exhume and unlock the chests. - Nevis/St Kitts Board of Tourism and Mango Side-Dish Recipes

Silverbeard: Pirate Ship Game in Caribbean Islands alternatives

The Lost Fountain

Discover the amazing secrets hidden in the mysterious lost island, home to the mythical fountain of youth. Explore this incredible and breathtaking landscape while solving the mysteries of a lost and ancient civilization. You certainly werent going to miss this chance Take a look and good luck

  • rating 4.40625
  • size 406 MB

Finding Gnomes

New game outCheck out our new Game: The Man From Hmmbridge Do you have what it takes to save your friend?You receive a mysterious letter from an old friend. In the letter he begs you to meet him at his house to help him solve an awkward situation. watch the walkthrough on Youtube:

  • rating 4.33333
  • size 63.4 MB

The Secret of Chimera Labs

In this point and click room-escape style adventure game, players explore the curious floors of mysterious Chimera Labs facility. The ever elusive Doctor Teresa Von Awesome has been conducting fantastically strange research. An unfolding series of experiments reveal the doctors whereabouts and the uncanny the secret of this amazing place- Collect over 80 unique items and unlock puzzles as you uncover new secrets- High detail imagery and ambient sound- In Game Notebook automatically records clues- In Game Hint-System can be toggled on or off- Original Music- Progress Auto-savesWe hope you come explore the Secret of Chimera Labs

  • size 81.8 MB

Burglars, Inc.

Burglars, Inc. is a riveting story-driven puzzler filled with badass characters and explosively exciting heist based challengesa criminally good puzzler. - iFanzine.comExperience a brand new type of puzzle game Join Chase and her burglar friends as they operate in a crooked city on the outskirts of the law, determined to to steal back what has been taken, one job at a time. Be quick, be careful, or youll be busted - A brand new type of action puzzler, built from scratch for iOS- Follow an original story-driven caper about a group of burglars out to do good- Crack safes, pick locks, hack computers, disarm traps, and more- Gear up with the latest tools and gadgets to help nab trophies and cash- 50 ranks to gain and 30 achievements to unlock in over 15 hours of gameplay- No ads and no micro transactions - try the first 4 episodes for free

  • size 72.2 MB

Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2: Point & Click Game

The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 continues the story which left off in the town of Hollow You arrive in the Village of Nightfall, tired, dreary, but ready to pursue this new endeavor you are on a quest and determined to the solve new and intriguing puzzles that lie before you, & escape this town to learn the final truth, and meaning of your true destinyThe adventure continues in the Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 in the Village of Nightfall. You arrive in the dreary and foggy town, drenched in rain, and the thunder and lightning clap in the distance, making you feel more cautious as you trek down the long pathNew discoveries will be made, and unusual stories will be told as the final truth is unveiled. Addictive Gameplay & Compelling Storyline:You will want to play this game again after reading the stories, and seeing the final ending there are many players who have said they loved playing this game repeatedly to read the stories, enjoy the adventure, and get lost in adventure and exploration.

  • rating 4.8
  • size 143 MB