In the deep blue sea, a tiny shark lost his shoal, to survive in a world that big fish eats small fish. Little Shark has to eat smaller sea animals to grow up and fleeing others bigger and find the way to come home by get the yellow key and open the door he sees on his adventure. Abundance of sea creatures includes fish, octopus, crab, jellyfish, squid.easy to play with a virtual joystick.

Shark Journey alternatives

Feeding Frenzy 2016 : Eat The Fish

Eat The Fish, Fishing Frenzy has returned with cute gameplay. Very simple to play, let eat the smaller fish, dont let your fish being eaten by other bigger fishes. Lets play

  • rating 3.41667
  • size 21.2 MB

Peter's Jungle Adventures - Fun Run To Home 2

Peter is a 8-year-old naughty boy. On a summer evening, while watching the stars through a telescope on the roof, Peter suddenly saw a object glide through the sky, toward the cornfield near the town where he lived. He has to face with the huge rocks rolling on the road, as well as facing with the pitfalls in every step and the Aliens hiding on the road to find the chances of catching him.

  • rating 5.0
  • size 162 MB

Feeding Frenzy - Ca lon nuot ca be free

In the worlds oceans, have many fish species . There, big fish eat smaller fishes to survive. How to play game: - You control a fish to eat the smaller fish, stay away from the larger fish - There are three control modes : you touch the screen to your fish go to that You can also choose the touch mode accelerometer to control by tilting the phone to control, or use joystick to control

  • rating 4.42856
  • size 152 MB

Robot Battle

Robot battle is a special design version for robot game fan who love robot transformer and robot fighting. Each robot was supported a super weapon system with different strong power and different attack ways, you will learn how to use them effectly to show off all of your power. FEATURES- Easy to play- Nice graphic and eye catch effect- Support many characters and bosses- Multi-Weapon system and upgrade- Multi-gun bullet and upgrade system- The system for upgrade weapon and powerWeb:

  • rating 4.57692
  • size 156 MB

Aqua Chase Shark Attack

Aqua Chase Shark AttackFor never-ending fishy fun, choose from five fabulous characters - Clown Fish, Jellyfish, Seahorse, Stingray, Turtle - and help them on an aquatic quest across the ocean floor dodging the dangers that lurk all around. Look out for evil sharks, Big Blue and Gammy Green, they are keen to catch and eat you. - for the SUPER SKILLED

  • rating 5.0
  • size 34.5 MB