THE FASTEST WAY OF PHOTO UPLOADING, SHARING & EMBEDDING Shares requires Flickr account, you can register on for free. Shares is lightweight & easy-to-use app specially designed for single purpose - Get shareable URL of photoEver needed fast way to upload photo for sharing with your friends or attaching to your blog/forum post?With Shares, its really easy to copy direct URL of photo, HTML markup or Markdown syntax. * x-success, x-cancel, x-error supported (see for detail)

Shares for Flickr alternatives

Lapse HD/R

To have all this capability in a smartphone is a wonderTUAWRecord timelapse video in true HDR and up to 4K HD resolution on your iPhone Watch the demo video and a before/after video at does it work?The patent-pending HD/R technology in Thalia Lapse HD/R takes several different exposures of the same scene for each video frame and works magic (technical term: tonemapping) to turn them into a video stream reflecting the scenes dynamic range. * Up to 5 EV values of dynamic range expansion, depending on the scene shot* Multi-stage deflickering avoids the flickering artifacts that often occur when stitching together time-lapse video from photos * Deghosting avoids ghosting artifacts from moving objects* Processing on the iPhones GPU calculates tonemapped video in real time, preserving local contrast on scenes with strong dynamic range* Stores high-quality movies in Quicktime format with up to 2060p resolution (can be set by user; 2060p on iPhone 6S and iPad Pro and higher; 1080p available on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2 and higher, lower resolutions on other devices)* Amazing built-in processing modes for a subdued effect, adding punch to the video, and artistic effect* If desired, adds a soundtrack from your iTunes library to the videoUser noteTime-lapse videography by its very nature demands a certain patience from the videographer. See for details.

Castr for Flickr & Chromecast

Castr is an easy way to send your Flickr-albums to a Chromecast-connected device, using your iPhone or iPad.

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Pexture - Text in photo

Write your text in an image The app is really easy to use and you can make nice looking images with your personal text in seconds. This is a brand new and super easy way of making your images personal with you own message. When you are done, share you images via the most popular social medias.

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Dream Foto

Dream Foto makes your photo into a dreamlike photo.166 dream effects can be used. Such as bubble, smoked, spotlight, snow, abstract lights, star, cloud, thunderetc, can make your photo more fun and beautiful. *12 sketch back brush images*2 synthesis modes*Easy to adjust the Saturation,Contrast,Strength.

  • size 139 MB

Perfect Shot by TapMedia

Perfect Shot uses new technologies in iOS 7 to detect each individual set of eyes and smiles in a group photo to take one single perfect shot No more taking a great photo, only to realize that someone was blinking All you have to do is hold your iPhone up and Perfect Shot will count how many people are in the photo. From here, it will constantly monitor everybodys smile and set of eyes. Optionally, weve included a manual shutter button if you wish to bypass the face and eye detection