Shade Spotter Combo is an advanced version on the most trending app in Appstore - Shade Spotter. The best among the best shade spotter app is now available in Appstore and it is now available in challenging modes. Expense Manager - -

Shade Spotter Combo - Play Kuku Kube, Letter Spotter, Color Spotter And Shuffle Mode in One alternatives

Letter Spotter

Tap the different letter in each grid to advance to the next level. Every subsequent level gets bigger and harder. How much can you score in 30 seconds?Find out now in this ultimate eye exercise

  • size 21.7 MB

KuKu Kube Shade spotter Kube King free A different Color shades game

Are you playing the most addictive online game? - Yahoo.comKuku Kube more addicting than Candy Crush? Easy to play, self described puzzle game Play on

  • rating 4.85714
  • size 4.4 MB

Top Shade Spotter

So you stumbled on this app right? Just so you know this is not your same ol same ol average game. I promise after yo u come back the promo will still be here Game Features>Crazy addicting game play>Awesome cool to the bone interface and backgrounds>Sleek fresh images and action>Adrenalin rush is guaranteed

  • rating 4.73332
  • size 9.9 MB

Shade Spotter (KuKu KuBe) - Color Blind Challenge

This is a test for your eyesight accuracy and colour blind. If you are looking for a good puzzle game or an improvement for your vision. Enjoy :)- Tonys Lab Experiment Team

  • size 6.1 MB