Whether across the room or across the world, Scoutahead keeps your organization in tune, in touch and informed. With leadership announcements and real-time messaging for teams and individuals - along with features like file sharing, email integration and urgent message alerts - you have a single collaboration system that makes productivity simple. With Scoutahead, you can: Never miss important communications that can get buried in email Contact anyone in your organization with team and 1-1 messaging Search any team or 1-1 messages to find information immediately Receive notifications when someone sends you a message or shares a file with you Keep your company data secure by using encrypted messaging


Similar Apps

Candex - Business Communication
NURO Secure Messaging
O2 Business Enterprise Portfolio
Smartboard Lite - Collaboration Across Platforms

Scoutahead - Real-Time Collaboration Software alternatives


Trello Trello Trello LIFEHACKERTrello Power-Up Trello Apple WatchTrello iPad ProTrello Trello Trello Trello Trello

  • rating 4.68966

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Stay up to date with your accounts and leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator on your iPhone, wherever you are. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you to target the right buyers and companies, understand what buyers value, and engage buyers with personalized outreach. The app is currently only available in English.

  • rating 4.79592
  • size 62.9 MB

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber for iPhone and iPad is a collaboration application that provides presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, voice messaging, and video calling capabilities on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch. Escalate your Jabber calls into multi-party conferencing with Cisco WebEx Meetings. By tapping Install you agree to install Jabber and all future software updates, and you accept the terms of service and privacy statement below:http://www.cisco.com/web/siteassets/legal/privacy.htmlhttp://www.cisco.com/web/siteassets/legal/jabber_supp.htmlEmail us at [email protected] with any feedback.

  • size 168 MB

Shapr: Connect with people, meetups & networking

Shapr is a personalized, mindful way of networking. Based on your interests and experience, we provide a daily dose of inspiring, like-minded people to meet nearby in your area. Start shaping your life today *

  • rating 4.06796
  • size 71.2 MB

Google Analytics

The official Google Analytics mobile app helps you monitor your business on the go. With this app, you can:1) Check key metrics in built-in reports2) Compare date ranges and apply segments3) Monitor real-time data4) Explore in order to build your own reports with any combination of metrics, dimensions and segments that you care about5) Save any reports to your dashboard so that you can easily come back to themOptional Permissions Notice- Photos: Needed if user desires to save reports in Photos- Microphone: Needed for voice commands* You can opt out of optional permission requests and still use the app.

  • rating 4.63636

More Information About alternatives


Encrypted group chat, file sharing and private messaging. Bolster your teams productivity and security, and decrease internal email with Semaphor. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

  • size 33.4 MB
  • version 1.8.0

Candex - Business Communication

Candex is a secure messaging tool for team and group collaboration. It is effective for internal or external communication at companies of any size. - Real time messaging, file sharing and search - Private groups and 1 to 1 communication- Linking activities gives two parties a system of record- Organize business activity with briefings- Instant sync across devices - Manage files between an active list and an archive- Use posts for to-do lists, action items and threaded conversations- Configurable notifications for desktop, mobile and email

  • size 35.2 MB
  • version 1.7.6


TigerText Clinical Communications Solution For HealthcareTigerTexts comprehensive clinical communications solution connects healthcare teams with patient data from the EHR, nurse call systems, and scheduling software for accelerated workflows that lead to greater collaboration, improved productivity, and higher patient satisfaction. Secure, encrypted, and HITRUST-Certified, the TigerText app helps healthcare organizations: Lower costs Shorten patient wait times Reduce bed days Improve quality of care Reduce medical errors Achieve HIPAA compliance Raise HCAHPS scores Improve care team job satisfactionPlatform Features: Messaging by Role or Department Click-to-Call Priority Messaging Auto-Forwarding Messaging to External UsersSecure Messaging Features Secure Texts Message Recall Group Conversations Broadcast Messaging Message Status (Sent/Delivered/Read) Push Notifications Searchable Directory Multiple Inboxes Do Not DisturbAdditional Information:TigerText is currently certified to work in the U.S. and Canada. While users in other countries may download and access the app for free, the TigerText user experience may be inconsistent outside the U.S. and Canada.

  • size 82.7 MB
  • version 7.1


Businesses of all sizes across all vertical markets are seeking out cloud-based Unified Communications solutions like those powered by POST UC-One. POST UC-One brings together essential communications services, such as instant messaging, presence, voice and video calling, multi-party video collaboration, and desktop sharing in real-time to enhance business productivity. -

  • size 62.5 MB
  • version 21.3.11


ApolloHD - Messaging Video and Voice For Teams and WorkgroupsKeep your team in sync with ApolloHD - a simple to use collaboration and communications app that packs the power of a business communications system. Apollo combines one-on-one and group messaging with live voice, video, audio conferencing and file sharing. ApolloHD for mobile Includes:- See who is online- Unlimited one-to-one and group messaging- High definition audio calling- Multiparty audio conferencing- High definition video calling (coming soon)- Screensharing (coming soon)

  • size 29.3 MB
  • version 1.3


Simple online project management and file sharing software for businessesOnline project managementCreate shared workspaces to manage your internal projects and clients missions: file sharing, task management, calendar sharing, instant messaging, time tracking and more. Enhance communication within your teams and increase the productivity of your organization. Manage efficiently your projects and improve your follow-up Share data with your client in a professional way Centralize and sync your files within your team Real-time collaboration: simpler communication and increased productivity Who is it for?- Entrepreneurs- Small and medium businesses- Consultants and contractors- Associations- Public actors

  • size 29.2 MB
  • version 3.7.1

NURO Secure Messaging

DescriptionNURO is an enterprise grade secure messaging platform which combines encryption and transparency into one secure messaging platform. NURO - The Secure Messaging designed to speed-up productivity across the whole companyFEATURES:*Secure messaging: Keep messages private and encrypted. We want to hear from you If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: [email protected] visit http://www.nuro.im/faqyou may also follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/[email protected]

  • size 95.9 MB
  • version 0.12.4


The best chat, best collaboration, and best security for your organization, project, or team. MeWePRO supercharges your teams productivity, connection, and security. MeWePRO is available on any device, so you can connect and collaborate with your organization, project, or team, at your desk and on the go - anytime Privacy policy: https://mewepro.com/privacyTerms of use: https://mewepro.com/terms

  • size 144 MB
  • version 1.0.4

O2 Business Enterprise Portfolio

The O2 Business enterprise portfolio for Hosted Lync UC.Making collobration workWilliam Buller from O2 shares a personal perspective on the workplace climate and its importance, alongside Unified Communications technology, in realising the benefits of collaboration. Hosted Lync a solution guideOur Hosted Lync unified communications (UC) solution pairs Microsofts market-leading UC technology with O2s award-winning network. In addition, UC enables customers to improve their business outcomes by maximizing productivity and fostering collaboration

  • size 37.8 MB
  • version 1.4

Smartboard Lite - Collaboration Across Platforms

Top 25 Productivity app for iPad Top 100 Productivity app for iOS The Worlds Best Real-Time Collaboration Tool Across Platforms Have you ever lost an important idea? Want to easily connect mobile devices together?Smartboard is todays answer for real-time collaboration across mobile platforms CROSS-PLATFORM COLLABORATIONThe App Stores most popular collaboration app is Whiteboard, with 8 million downloads. Please feel free to drop us a a note via our support tab at www.facebook.com/greengarstudios or email [email protected] Greengar Team

  • rating 4.09091
  • size 23.5 MB
  • version 1.0