Free gameHello, this is a game app made by Japanese people living in Japan, which is famous for its samurai and ninja. Anime and otaku are famous in Japan, and I am the delightful person making lots of games. Lets collect a lot of luggage.

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Jump de Coins 3D

Extra edition of Jump de Coins has been released Lets get a coin on the stage in 3D [How to play] Lets take a coin to operate the hero of the left and right buttons and a jump button Im gonna do it game over fall in lava below, there are no physical touching the needle. Lets go over any terrain with poor footing by making full use of two-stage jump [About the Coin Shop] Youll collect coins and buy a coin shop Or make up your strength, and strengthen your jumpingEarn coins because more and more useful items they sell Take a magic coin shining, Im rushing to the super coin time

  • size 74.4 MB


Stick exhilarating action casual game Tsu no choice but to continue to fall if you do not want to die The Keep on fall to fall to fall :)How to play this action game Stick to the right is tilted to the right screen Stick will move to the left and tilted to the left screen When you buy an item that can be thrown to the time in the shop in the game As long as the magic gauge the upper left of the screen is left when you touch the screen You can be the slow progress leading timeMusic by Maodamashi

  • size 40.0 MB

Jump!!~Free 2D stick figure scroll action game~

RUN JUMP JUMP UP Jump to survive :)-How to play-Touch screen -jumpTouch screen twice - jump up in the skyGood luck :)music by maodamashi

  • size 36.1 MB

Sky Climb

Get up to the sky by jumping while avoiding the rocks This is a lighthearted game with simple controls. Avoid rocks that fall from the sky by jumping, and climb the trees as high as you can If you crash into a rock, you will tragically fall to the depths. Well then, how many meters high into the sky can you climb?

  • rating 3.85714
  • size 15.4 MB