Sci:Pro Calculator is a simple multi-mode calculator for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (Universal App). The app features three modes of operation: Basic, Scientific, and Programmer. Mode (Degrees, Radians) Exponent Functions (2^x, 10^x, x^y, x, x e^x) Root Functions (, , xy) Logarithmic Functions (Log2, Log10, Ln) Other Functions (random, Exponent, Factorial, 1/x) Numerical Constants (, e)Programmer Mode: 64 bit Integer Values Radix Modes & Conversion (Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal) Integer Math Functions (+, -, , , MOD) Bitwise Operators (AND, OR, NOR, XOR) Bit Shift and Rotate (Single & Multiple bit) Signed Number Operations (1s & 2s Complement) Byte-Flip, Word-Flip Bit Count Random Integer Parentheses Keys (Expression Grouping/Nesting) Full-time Binary View (iPad Only) Encoding Views (ASCII, Unicode, RGB) Multiple Copy Formats (Binary, Hex, Decimal, ASCII, Unicode, RGB value) Multiple Paste Formats (Decimal, Hex, Octal, and Binary values)

Sci:Pro Calculator alternatives

Calculator Pro Elite Lite

This is THE BEST calculator for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Dual-line display - shows the input and result at the same timeHistory tape - saves every calculation, time and date stampedMemory buttons - shows its value on the displayPercentage and backspace buttonScientific functions6 layouts (3 portrait, 3 landscape)6 color themesMulti-line input for really long equationsAutomatic scientific formattingLabel any calculation in the history tapeE-mail a calculation or the entire history tapeVoiceOver accessibilityiOS 9 Split View3D TouchGesturesSwipe down to see the history tapeSwipe left or right on the keypad to switch between basic and scientific keysSwipe left on the display to backspaceSwipe right on the display to clearTap & hold on the result to copyTap & hold on the input to move the cursor, copy, paste, convert to E-notationCustomizeColor ThemeRounded ButtonsLight Tape BackgroundShow Layout ButtonAllowable LayoutsShow Memory ButtonsReplace Button With /Replace E Button With 00Show Thousands SeparatorsMinimum Decimal DigitsMaximum Decimal DigitsSoundFont SizeEquals RepeatBold FontLeft-Handed ModeURL Scheme: calculatorproelitefree://

  • rating 4.375
  • size 13.4 MB

Code Scanner by ScanLife: QR and Barcode Reader

Put a personal shopper in your pocket so youll always get the information you want. Scan any product QR Code or barcode or search to quickly find more about it including prices & reviews. Users must upgrade to iOS 7.1+ before installing Code Scanner by ScanLife

  • size 62.2 MB


One of the TOP downloaded Calculators for iOS devices. FREE version comes with fully functional Scientific Calculator with Automatic Notes taking capability. Thank you for GREAT feedback, see what some of thousands of users are saying -+Looked at a lot of calc apps and this one is the best.+This is what I needed for my iPhone a long time Loving it +Its like my own personal math tutor, this is great +I already recommended it to 20 of my friends.+Great app Will definitely get the full version +This is a great app that helps my son with his homework+Crazyy good+Now everything is more easy +Best app everget it now

  • size 12.9 MB

powerOne Scientific Lite

Powerful scientific and graphing calculator includes algebraic, RPN input and over 400 free calculations. Create your own, keep a history and share with others. Access programmers math, complex numbers, matrices and more via in app purchase* Save a history of all calculations automatically * Share results by simply entering a recipient

  • rating 5.0
  • size 8.7 MB