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Scare-ify HD: Scary Prank Your Friends alternatives

Scary Maze Prank Original

SCARE YOUR FRIENDS WITH THE BEST INTERNET PRANK EVER WITH 34 SCARY IMAGES This is the original classic Scary Maze Game that went viral on youtube frightening the world. The Scary Maze is not a real game but a scary joke prank for your friends. Dont forget to review and film the victims :)

  • size 45.8 MB

Scary Game - Scare Your Friends

Four simple steps to play a trick on you friend: 1. Choose a horrifying picture. Have FUN

  • rating 3.85714
  • size 17.5 MB

Scary Prank Scare Your Friends With Horror Monster

RECORD A VIDEO OF YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES GETTING SCAAAAARREEDD 1. Scary prank reloaded application appears to be an idiot one with easy gaming feature, But the victim is being video-recorded without knowing ;)2. Authors of this application do not take responsibility of any results using this application.

  • rating 4.62308
  • size 26.5 MB

Optical Illusion Prank - Scare your friends!

Play a scary prank on your friends by distracting them with cool optical illusions and when they least expect it a terrifying face will burst on the screen The illusions that set up the trick are not fake, which makes it easier to fool the victim. Some of the illusions are psychedelic and have freaky effects so the victim never sees the practical joke coming. Its a funny and fun way to terrorize your friends with a little humor.

  • size 23.2 MB

Scary Prank: Scary cam & Scare your friends Prank

Thanks to all user for the great support. This app appears to be a game. Play in controlled environment only Authors of this application do not take responsibility of any results using this application

  • size 25.7 MB